Aussie Govt Orders Facebook And X To Remove Muslim Knife Attack Video

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Apr 16, 2024 - 07:45 PM

Parishioners and live stream audience members for the Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Sydney, Australia were enjoying a sermon by popular conservative Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel when a young male Muslim assailant entered the church and stabbed him repeatedly with a knife.  The live stream clip was immediately shared far and wide on social media with X and Facebook being the easiest sites to view the video.

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel is a leader of the Assyrian Orthodox sect who has a global following. He has expressed stalwart conservative views on Islam, the LGBT community, and was vocal in his sermons against lockdowns and vaccinations during COVID-19.  Four other member of the church were injured while subduing the attacker; the young man also reportedly cut off some of his own fingers during the struggle. 

The Australia government through their "E-Safety Commissioner" has voiced concerns over the spread of the clip and has "ordered" Facebook and X to remove if from public access within 24 hours on the grounds that it will "make people emotional" and "cause disharmony."  How much power Australia's E-Safety Commissioner actually has to follow through on her threats remains to be seen. 

The identity of the attacker has yet to be revealed by authorities, but he is allegedly 16-years old and was recorded smiling after stabbing the Bishop while praising Allah.  Once again, westerners have been treated to a lesson in cultural diversity. 

The motivation behind Australia's effort to have the event removed from social media is blatantly transparent.  If the attack involved anyone other than a Muslim it is unlikely they would have an interest in censoring the video.  However, such horrifying incidents involving potential migrants create growing opposition to the open border policies of western progressive governments.  So, rather than addressing the root of the problem (mutually exclusive cultures), officials have decided it's better to hide it instead.  

Public outcry over the attack has led to protests in the streets of Sydney with many Australians becoming angry and tired of the special protections allotted to people with the "right beliefs" and ethnic background.  To their credit, the Sidney police have labeled the stabbing a terrorist attack with adequate evidence of religious motivation.  This, though, does not help if the attack is simply allowed to fade into the background until the next time the third world decides to force itself onto the western public.