Behold Vienna's Brand New, $1.9 Million Public Art Travesty

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Nov 02, 2023 - 11:30 AM

It's bad enough that Western society is plunging into an abyss, but it's all the more infuriating when our governments are accomplices to the deviants dragging us into it. 

In a humiliating spectacle that victimizes taxpayers and enriches four perverted scam artists, the city of Vienna last week unveiled a new $1.9 million public fountain that looks like it was slapped together by a group of snickering fourth-graders playing with Play-Doh.  

Commissioned to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the city's public water system, the fountain is the work of Wolfgang Gantner, Florian Reither, Ali Janka and Tobias Urban -- a quartet operating under the name "Gelitin." 

Laughing all the way to the bank: The "Gelitin" art group is the only beneficiary of the sadistic, €1.8 million joke on the people of Vienna

The four freaks who created this insult -- in obvious haste -- have a portfolio that's truly repulsive, emphasizing homoerotic perversions and scatology. Here's an exhibit that is literally sh*t, packaged with vulgar poetry. Note the obscene costumes worn by people at the the presence of small children

We don't describe these people as "deviants" lightly. If you think their fountain is terrible -- and it sure as &%$# is -- thank God it didn't center on the positively godawful NSFW "art" that Gelitin exhibited in Milan. 

Gauging the West's decline: Not the Bee contrasted the new fountain with this masterpiece at the city's Schönbrunn Palace 

Believe it or not, Vienna's new monstrosity is described by the city government as a "luxury fountain." It was controversial even before it was unveiled, with residents and the conservative, populist Freedom Party of Austria campaigning against it as a waste of money, but to no avail. Imagine when they actually saw what the money bought. 

On the other hand, city official Marcus Franz, a member of the Social Democratic Party, applauded the positively scandalous redistribution of wealth from productive Vienna citizens to four sickos. “Big thanks go to the city of Vienna, which fully financed the anniversary fountain," he said. 

From public art to basic standards of decency, our governments are increasingly dominated by people bent on destroying everything that made Western civilization great. 

The Gelitin weirdos relishing their taxpayer-enriched lifestyle