Biden Admin Is Hiring A 'Meme Manager'; Hilarity Ensues...

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, May 24, 2024 - 07:00 PM

Authored by Steve Watson via,

The Biden campaign has posted a job listing seeking a ‘meme manager’ prompting many to submit examples of their finest Biden meme manager memes.

The listing, seeking a ‘Partner Manager, Content and Meme Pages’, was posted on Daybook. It states, “In this role, you will initiate and manage day-to-day operations in engaging the internet’s top content and meme pages.”

“The ideal candidate for this role is passionate about bringing political content to voters where they already are on the internet,” it adds.

Responsibilities in the post include a need to “cultivate and manage relationships with top digital media companies, podcasters, and meme pages across a number of social media platforms” as well as to “identify and land engagement opportunities.”

The listing betrays the fact that Biden is haemorrhaging support among young voters, and the campaign, in its infinite ignorance, believes that a few well executed memes might turn that around.

The problem is, the left can’t meme.

Leftist memes routinely include walls of text explaining what they mean, rendering the meme itself pointless and absurd.

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