Biden DoD Lets Transgender Service Members Skip Deployments, Receive Indefinite Physical Fitness Waivers: Confidential Memo

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jul 20, 2023 - 09:22 AM

Authored by Jordan Schachtel via The Dossier,

The Dossier has acquired a new Department of Defense (DOD) memo that goes into great detail on the topic of “care of service members who identify as transgender.”

The document, which is not classified but has long remained unavailable to Americans, is being published here for the first time for public consumption.

The 34 page memo details the enormous perks granted to service members who identify as transgender.

At the beginning of his tenure, President Biden ended President Trump’s ban on people who identify as transgender serving in the military. Since then, the Biden Administration has granted more and more benefits to this cohort, leading to dudes like this being celebrated by the Defense Department.

Anyway, here’s some of the “highlights” found within the document:

  1. Taxpayer funded “care” for transgender service members includes:

  • speech/voice therapy

  • cross-sex hormones,

  • laser hair removal,

  • voice feminization surgery,

  • facialcontouring,

  • body contouring,

  • breast/chest surgery (“upper surgery”)

  • genital mutilation surgery (“lower surgery”).

  • Psychological counseling

  1. Service members who identify as transgender may receive a waiver for grooming and uniform standards.

  2. Service members who identify as transgender may receive an indefinite waiver for physical fitness standards. This waiver often becomes a de facto permanent situation, and the transgender identifying service member just has to renew the exemption request every six months.

  3. Service members who identify as transgender will be considered “non-deployable” for up to 300 days while taking hormones for their “transition” period. Again, given that these hormones are often required for life, this may render the transgender identifying service member as permanently unable to deploy.

The United States military is facing its worst recruiting environment since 1973, when the conscription era ended and the current all-volunteer force was formed. As the Defense Department memo makes clear, the U.S. military in 2023 represents more of a social welfare and social justice program than an entity purposed with defeating an aggressing army.

View the memo below:

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