Biden's Latest DEI Hire Deletes Past Anti-White And Anti-Police Tweets

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Monday, Jun 24, 2024 - 10:20 PM

Authored by Steve Watson via,

In the latest clownworld development, the Biden Administration hired a man in a dress to be its new Associate Communications Director and it quickly emerged that the guy had a history of spicy tweets hating on white people, comparing police officers to ‘slave patrols’ and ‘lynch mobs’, and calling for ICE to be abolished.

Here is who they hired. Tyler Cherry (left).

He looks like Mr Slave from South Park.

Or Weird Al Yankovic if you prefer:

He has a degree in gender studies. Of course he does.

He used to work for Media Matters. Of course he did.

He also thinks there are too many white people.

When people started to point all this out, Cherry apologised, and then started deleting all the old tweets.

He deleted every tweet with the word ‘white’ in it:

And restricted who can reply or comment:

There is no word yet on whether this guy likes to steal luggage or not.

Who is really running the country?

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