Biden's Trojan Horse Immigration Deal Would Allow Another 1.8 Million Migrants

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jan 30, 2024 - 07:45 PM

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Republican Senators are willing to sell the farm for what would be a terrible deal even if Biden elected to honor the terms...

CBS reports Biden and senators on verge of striking immigration deal aimed at clamping down on illegal border crossings

Trojan Horse Deal Details

  1. The agreement is expected to give the executive branch a new legal authority to effectively suspend asylum in between official ports of entry when migrant crossings surpass certain thresholds.

  2. The power, which Mr. Biden referred to as an authority to “shut down the border” on Friday, would be mandated after average daily migrant crossings hit 5,000 over seven days, or 8,500 in a single day.

  3. It could also be activated on a discretionary basis after average daily crossings surpass 4,000 in a week.

  4. There would also be a limit on the number of days each year the president could invoke the authority.

1: Biden already the authority to secure the border. He has no interest in doing so or he would have already done so. The administration even ripped open holes in the razor wire fence that Texas erected. If that’s not a come on in message, what is?

2: Has anyone done the math on this? 5,000 a day for 365 days is 1,825,000. There’s your trojan horse right there. We already know what’s inside.

3: Point three is a joke. What’s with this “could” stuff as if Biden would actually do it. Besides, does anyone expect a legitimate count?

4. Point four is an even bigger joke. It would limit the number of days Biden could shut the border even if he wanted to.

Huge Irony of the Deal

The irony of the deal is that the flip side is over a hundred billion in additional spending on Ukraine and Israel that should not be spent at all.

And there’s still more. Here’s bonus point five.

“While the proposal negotiated by the White House and lawmakers would penalize those who enter the U.S. illegally, it would preserve asylum at official ports of entry. In fact, it would require U.S. border officials to continue processing more than 1,400 asylum-seekers daily at these official border crossings when the “shutdown” authority is invoked, sources told CBS News.“

And how does this miracle happen? Here’s bonus point six.

“All the provisions being negotiated would require an enormous surge in personnel and resources, including detention facilities and deportation flights, to be implemented. The Biden administration has asked for $14 billion to fund border operations and hire additional asylum officers, border agents and immigration judges.”

Well, not to worry. The amazing deal Republicans negotiated would only allow 5,000 * 31 In January, March, May, July, October, and December.

My math says that’s 155,000 in those months and 150,000 in the rest except February.

What Republican dimwits negotiated these terms? These clowns are so desperate for money for Ukraine and Israel they will sign anything.

The House should kill this bill outright. But if Johnson puts it to a vote it will sail because every Democrat will back it, laughing all the way.

Denver Health at “Critical Point” as 8,000 Migrants Make 20,000 Emergency Visits

The Denver hospital system is turning away local residents because it is flooded with migrant visits.

Meanwhile, please note Denver Health at “Critical Point” as 8,000 Migrants Make 20,000 Emergency Visits

Texas Showdown

In Texas, the Supreme Court Lets Feds Cut Abbott’s Razor Wire

The swing vote, Justice Amy Coney Barrett, is a Trump nominee. Expect to hear calls of “traitor”.

There is one way to decide this issue. Vote out Biden. The ruling does help Trump.

Meanwhile, the floodgates are open.

Sanctuary Cities Seek More Money for Migrants, But is Money the Problem?

On December 30, I asked Sanctuary Cities Seek More Money for Migrants, But is Money the Problem?

I suspect you know the answer to this one. If not here it is. The more money we throw at this problem, the worse it will get.

By the way, if you have not figured this out, it’s very inflationary.