Bizarre Reuters Article Warns Climate Change Is Hurting "Indonesian Trans Sex Workers"

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Apr 05, 2024 - 05:05 PM

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Reuters has published perhaps the most bizarre article ever, warning that climate change is having a detrimental impact on the income of Indonesian transgender sex workers.

Yes, really.

The entire thing reads like an April fool’s joke, but it isn’t.

The author, Leo Galuh, complains that “Nearly 93% of respondents saw decreased income during the rainy season,” explaining “Trans women…are among the most affected by extreme weather linked to climate change, as well as suffering disproportionately when disasters strike.”

Oh no, won’t someone think of the poor Indonesian trans sex workers?

It continues, “Indonesia is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, and trans women, who tend to face more stigma and marginalisation than trans men or other LGBTQ+ Indonesians, are also among those hardest hit by extreme weather.”

Why? Well, because they are “are shut out of the formal economy” and have no other choice but to become prostitutes. Duh.

But hang on, what’s this?

“Despite gender-fluid communities being historically accepted in Indonesia, a rising tide of conservative Islam in the world’s largest Muslim-majority country has fuelled anti-LGBTQ+ persecution.”

Ah, a kernel of truth among the batshit.

Now back to the madness.

“LGBTQ+ individuals are sometimes blamed for problems related to climate change," according to Arif Budi Darmawan, a researcher at the Bandung-based Resilience Development Initiative.”

“Those outside the binary category are often labelled with the category ‘deviant’, (and) associated with the causes of environmental problems and disasters,” said Darmawan, who has researched how climate change affects trans Indonesians.”

The article then complains that while the Indonesian government has a plan to manage the impacts of climate change, trans people are not factored in.

Imagine that. Why-ever not?

The article just kind of ends with the information that the trans sex workers are putting on their own movie nights and one of them transitioned into making cakes for a living, which isn’t so affected by climate change.

Thank heavens for that.

Pulitzer incoming.

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