Bloomberg Admits '10,000 Migrant Crossings A Day' Has 'Upended The Election'

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Apr 03, 2024 - 04:25 PM

While Paul 'not my child porn' Krugman and other idiots want you to believe that illegal immigration is actually a good thing for America and will boost GDP by $7 trillion, Bloomberg is a bit more realistic...

Even worse for Joe Biden's handlers (i.e. whoever's running the government) is that Bloomberg wrote this up as a 'human interest' story:

The coils of barbed wire at the edge of Poncho Nevarez’s ranch on the Rio Grande were meant as a deterrent. Instead, they just tore at the bodies and clothes of desperate migrants who clambered through to Eagle Pass, Texas.

The fence installed by the National Guard was, in Nevarez’s view, both horribly barbaric and largely ineffective, like so much of the border-enforcement push that’s popped up around his 500 acres—the state police, the helicopters, the drones and river buoys.

None of this stuff solves the problem,” said Nevarez, a former Democratic state lawmaker, as he stood next to a mound of discarded clothes, diapers and other detritus left behind by migrants on his land.

Here's the crux of the argument:

Immigration has erupted into a defining issue of the 2024 ballot, with a Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll finding it second only to the economy as voters’ top concern. Courts are bogged down by unprecedented levels of cases—federal agents encountered 10,000 people a day crossing the southern border in December—and the tumult has exposed the US system as underfunded, opaque and bursting at the seams.

This is gonna decide who becomes the president, how it’s handled,” Nevarez said.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has made the border his signature issue in his 2024 campaign - vowing to launch the largest deportation operation in US history if he's reelected. Bloomberg would like you to know he's also a racist, "sometimes borrowing rhetoric from White nationalist groups that warn about a “poisoning” of the nation’s blood."

"This is a Joe Biden invasion," Trump said during a February visit to Eagle Pass, Texas.

Meanwhile this Rhodes scholar...

As Bloomberg further notes, Biden has been 'put on the defensive' - and claims his hands are tied unless Congress gives roughly $60 billion more US tax dollars to Ukraine in order to defend its borders (as opposed to, say, more Executive Orders like Trump instituted).

How did this happen?

After Biden invited a sea of immigrants to America - tearing up Trump's immigration Executive Orders on day one of his administration - more than 10 million of them did just that, quickly overloading border-state resources. The solution wasn't Trump's... it was Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who began bussing illegal immigrants to liberal 'sanctuary cities' around the country - which have been brought to the brink of financial ruin by the influx of 'GDP boosters.'

What's more, the 'free ride' buses appealed to some migrants arriving in Texas, according to Valeria Wheeler, executive director of  the Mission: Border Hope in Eagle Pass, which provides temporary shelter for migrants before they move on.

"Right when they enter our place, they’re like, ‘We want to go in the free buses,'" she said, adding that they "help a lot of asylum seekers to move forward and go to their final destination or other places."

"They said they could not handle it anymore," Abbott said in an interview, referring to Texas mayors, county judges and police chiefs about communities overrun with migrants dropped off by the Border Patrol.

So Abbott and his aides came up with a plan—which critics called politically motivated—to bus migrants to Democratic “sanctuary cities.” The first bus dropped migrants from Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua near the Capitol. After that, others went to New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver and Los Angeles.

Other border hawks, including the governors of Florida and Arizona, followed suit with similar moves. As of early March, Texas had bused out more than 105,000 people.

Every state is now a border state, every town is now a border town,” Trump said Tuesday during a campaign speech in Michigan. -Bloomberg

According to Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza, a Democrat, "From a political perspective, you have to look at his move as his genius," she said, referring to Abbott - who responded to the surge in migration by sending state troopers and the National Guard to reinforce the area along the Rio Grande, which is now surrounded by barbed wire and shipping containers as camouflaged troops patrol the area with rifles.

Texas police and National Guard troops take over a city park on the Rio Grande, surrounding it with barbed wire and shipping containers (via Bloomberg)

Bloomberg reports that the crackdown is having an impact, citing Lieutenant Christopher Olivarez, a spokesman for the Department of Public Safety, who noted that arrivals in Eagle Pass, TX fell to an average of a few hundred per day vs. 2,000 per day at the end of last year.

Meanwhile, Texas border patrol has seized 469 million lethal doses of fentanyl, according to the governor's office.

"When you do have an influx of people coming across, it’s gonna tie up every resource that we have along the border," said Olivarez, so the cartels will "exploit more areas."

Perhaps this galaxy brain Obama economist can explain why all the economy-boosting illegal immigrants aren't translating to a slam-dunk win for Biden?

She's also big mad, talking about 'ringleaders' and other malarkey.

Maybe Bloomberg is in on it too?