Bolton Goes On CNN To Rip Trump For Having 'No Inclination' To Support Ukraine

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Feb 02, 2024 - 10:20 PM

John Bolton went on CNN to raise the alarm over President Trump potentially taking office again and what this means for Ukraine policy. Trump's former national security advisor expressed that he's "very worried" for the future of Washington support to Ukraine's military because Trump as the Republican frontrunner "doesn't have any inclination" to support Kiev.

Already the past months have witnessed a string of setbacks and negative news for the Zelensky government. Most recently there's an open conflict between the Ukrainian president and his Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine’s armed forces, Gen. Valerii Zaluzhny. Zaluzhny wrote in a new CNN op-ed, "We must contend with a reduction in military support from key allies, grappling with their own political tensions."

So hawks like Bolton want to see the next president stay muscular on Ukraine support, but the fear is that Trump has essentially given up on the Ukrainians, given the battlefield situation is already clearly going Russia's way, also given Ukraine's well-known and widespread corruption. Trump on the campaign trail has vowed to negotiate an end to the war within "24 hours". Watch Bolton rip his former boss in the below:

At one point in the segment Bolton says that President Joe Biden "had it pretty well nailed" when he called former President Donald Trump a "fucking asshole" in leaked private comments.

Below is a transcript of the segment's introduction...

JOHN BERMAN: New reporting on how President Biden really feels about Donald Trump behind closed doors, Politico writes, quote, “the president has described Trump to longtime friends and close aides as a sick F who delights in other’s misfortunes, according to three people who have heard the president use the profane description. According to one of the people who has spoke with the president, Biden recently said of Trump, what a blinking blank hole the guy is.”.

I’m joined now by former national security adviser under then President Trump, Ambassador John Bolton, who has a new forward for his memoir, The Room Where It Happened. That forward, titled The Room Where It Will Happen Again in the first line, is “Donald Trump may well be reelected president this November, becoming only the second person to win nonconsecutive terms.”

Ambassador, thank you so much for being with us that Politico reporting on the choice words that President Biden uses to describe Donald Trump, how closely does that align with your view?

JOHN BOLTON: Well, I think in personality terms, I think that President Biden has it pretty well nailed.

But I would just say this. It’s not the personality of Donald Trump that’s the problem. It’s his lack of competence to do the job, the personalities unpleasant. But many people say, oh, we can we can deal with the personality. I like something else.

It’s not the personality that’s the problem. He doesn’t understand the job, particularly in the national security space. He didn’t learn much in the first four years. He certainly hasn’t learned anything since then.

* * *

We can only observe that Trump's main mistake during his first tenure was bringing on fanatical Neocons like Bolton in the first place, who is one of the representatives of the very "swamp" that Trump hoped to drain.