Canadian Leftists Furious Over Alberta Town That Voted To Ban Pride Flags On Public Property

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Mar 04, 2024 - 09:40 PM

The woke movement is not a civil rights movement fighting for equality, it's a political/cult movement fighting for supremacy.  Once this fact is understood every other agenda being pursued by the political left today becomes crystal clear. 

When a movement claims to be "fighting for equality" the insinuation is that the people involved do not have equal rights under the law.  Yet, whenever these activists are asked to give examples of rights they want that others have, they stutter and stumble.  The great trick used by the political left is that by simply saying they are fighting for equality, this is a way to automatically justify every one of their actions no matter how antagonistic and insidious.  By simply saying they are fighting for equality, they paint themselves as the "good guys" even when they are the bad guys.

But what is the true leftist vision for "diversity, equity and inclusion?"  What do they think equal rights looks like since equal rights under the law are apparently not enough? 

We have been seeing examples of what they really want it in towns and cities across the US and Canada - They want total saturation of their ideology in every corner of society.  "Equality" for them means that no one is allowed to escape.  Everyone must be bombarded with activist propaganda everyday and everywhere, from movies to commercials to news media to local parades to public schools and even crosswalks and flagpoles. 

No other group, political or religious, gets this kind of special treatment in America or Canada.  No other group is offered so much privilege and protection.     

The holy grail for the woke movement today is the saturation of woke symbols in public spaces protected by government force.  In other words, they want pride flags to become as ubiquitous on the streets and in government buildings as the American flag in America or the Canadian flag in Canada.  Why is it acceptable that the woke movement is given precedence over all other ideals?

A small town in Alberta (Westlock) asked this very same question after their leftist council and mayor supported a campaign to raise pride flags on public flag poles and paint a pride flag mural on a primary crosswalk.  A motion was offered to make Westlock's public spaces politically neutral, which the council promptly shot down.  So, instead, the public put the decision to a vote.  

In a narrow win of 663 to 639 votes a rule banning all displays of political messaging from public land was passed, and  leftists across Canada are furious.  The Canadian media quickly moved to admonish the vote in an attempt to shame the town.  In the interview below, the Mayor of Westlock, Jon Kramer, repeats DEI mantras, arguing that "inclusion is non-negotiable" as if brainwashed.  The propaganda message?  Not putting far-left symbols on display on public land in your town is a sign that your town is hateful.  In other words, signal your virtue at all times or else... 

In response, activists in Canada have falsely portrayed the Westlock vote as a decision to ban all pride flags.  The disinformation is obviously designed to provoke outrage by leftists across the country.  Though progressives often worship at the altar of pure democracy, they still refuse to accept any majority decision that does not go their way.  Leftists seem to assert that the close nature of the vote negates the outcome of the vote.  Groups say they will send pride banners to residents of the town to be placed on their lawns.  If they can't have saturation on public property, then they want saturation on private property.


Even if you aren't conspiracy minded in the slightest, you are probably beginning to wonder if this is an attempt by a political group to overwhelm the existing culture and take over?  Yes, that is exactly what is happening.  If any other political movement tried to force their symbols on a target population the way pride activists do, they would be run out of these towns on a rail and no one would be surprised.  But, when woke people are shown the door, the narrative is that "bigots" are waging a war on change.  Of course, not all change is good or positive or warranted.