Chicago Mayor's Grand Plan To Stop 'Crime Crisis' Are Reparation Checks

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Dec 31, 2023 - 01:25 AM

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson wants to pay off 'descendants of enslaved African Americans' with reparation checks every month to end the "cycle of violence" in the crime-ridden metro area run by radical progressives. 

While speaking to Poppy Harlow on "CNN This Morning" Wednesday, Johnson acknowledged Chicago was plagued with out-of-control violent crime and declared that the "full force of government" would solve the crisis. The brilliant idea from the mayor: $500,000 in reparation checks. 

"These are the first dollars spent in this city to begin the process of studying both restoration and reparations," Johnson said.

He said, "When residents who have experienced neglect and disinvestment for generations speak out of their pain and their trauma, this administration and the Black Caucus we hear you."

All of the "neglect and disinvestment' of the black folks in the metro area have been under nine decades, or nearly a century, of Democratic mayors. But the current mayor will never mention that inconvenient truth. 

Johnson believes he can spend his way out of an imploding metro area: 

"A quarter of a billion dollars to address homelessness, $100 million for violence prevention. We added 80 million more dollars to our youth employment program of which we hired 25,000 young people just this summer. That's a 20% increase from the previous year."

However, big government and socialism are not viable solutions to solving Chicago's violent crime crisis. Instead, enforcing common sense 'law and order' and refunding the police are some of the first steps to save the metro area from disastrous social justice policies. 

But, the damage of failed social justice policies has already been realized as companies and residents flee the warzone-torn area. Democrats have taken zero responsibility for the exodus. 

In 2022, Illinois's richest man, Ken Griffin, moved the Citadel hedge fund from Chicago to Miami to escape crime and high taxes. 

If Johnson's grand plan to save the collapsing city is reparation checks or another form of redistribution of wealth = socialism, then residents have to be very concerned the mayor has no serious crime-fighting plan. 

That may be why Johnson's polling data is trash. 

Ah, yes. 

To sum up, socialism is not the answer to the crime crisis. Instead, the first step involves refunding the police and enforcing common sense law and order.