'Children Were Incinerated To Ash': Livid Hawaiians Slam Biden For Cracking Jokes, Lying About Wife

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Aug 22, 2023 - 10:55 AM

Hawaiians are livid at President Joe Biden, who finally showed up to Maui two weeks after wildfires ravaged Lahaina, killing 114 and leaving over 850 missing - only to crack inappropriate jokes and lie about his wife 'almost' dying in a fire.

"You guys catch the boots out here? That’s a hot ground, man," Biden joked.

At another point, Biden told the Mayor of Maui County: "You look like you played defensive tackle for, I don't know who, but somebody good," before calling the wildfires a "national travedy."

Then Biden lied about almost losing his wife in a 2004 kitchen fire. In truth, the fire was "under control in 20 minutes" and firefighters "got it pretty early."

Watch Biden's entire speech below:

Residents are pissed...

"Hearing you talk about your house that, you know, had a little fire... you almost lost your cat and your Corvette," said one enraged resident, adding: "There were children that were incinerated to as," after Gov. Josh Green (D) said on Sunday that "it's possible that there will be many children" among the missing.

"You're so out of touch with the common man, you don't even know how to speak to them," he continued, adding "the only way you think you can establish commonality with them is to lie - that the 'same thing happened to you' "

"You're a disgusting, despicable bastard."


"Fuck You" shouted more residents as Biden's motorcade rolled down the street. We imagine many Hawaiians regret voting for the pariah prez.

Why the relatively muted media response to one of the deadliest natural disasters in US history? Theories abound.

And of course, Joe appeared to fall asleep during the middle of a meeting with the families of fire victims.

Stay classy, Joe. And Maui Mayor Richard Bissen (D)...