"Christmas Is Canceled": Scuffles, Arrests In NYC As Pro-Palestinian Protesters Storm Manhattan

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Dec 26, 2023 - 05:30 PM

Pro-Palestinian protesters raged across New York City on Monday, apparently determined to piss Christians off on their most sacred holiday

"Christmas is canceled here," they chanted, while parading a blood-red mock nativity scene through the streets, along with puppets of Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu and US President Joe Biden.

"Long live the intifada," the roughly 500 demonstrators yelled as they swarmed the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree where people were trying to enjoy the day.

"While Ur Shopping Bombs are Dropping," read one protester's sign.

"No Joy In Genocide," read the mock Nativity scene, the NY Post reports.

As night fell, the protest intensified. Near St. Patrick’s Cathedral, scuffles broke out, sending police officers dashing through the crowd in an effort to maintain order. Reports of arrests came from areas near Grand Central Station and Union Square, as tensions between protesters and law enforcement escalated.

The Christmas Day demonstration targeting the Manhattan area popular with holiday revelers and tourists prompted cops to go on alert outside the News Corp headquarters on Sixth Avenue.

The building is home to Fox News, The Post, the Wall Street Journal and other company holdings.

Protesters have targeted the media company in the past, including twice last month.

On Nov. 29, hundreds of demonstrators — at least one spotted carrying a swastika — stormed the Sixth Avenue building after police blocked them from Rockefeller Center during a well-organized “Flood the Tree Lighting for Gaza” protest. -NY Post

This demonstration was not an isolated incident but the latest in a series of anti-Israel marches that have swept through New York City.

 Maybe trying to ruin Christmas in New York isn't the best way to garner sympathy for your cause?