"Close The Freaking Border!" - Angry New Yorkers Shout-Down AOC & Nadler Over Immigrant Crisis

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Sep 15, 2023 - 06:20 PM

Ideology is coming face to face with reality and it's making a lot of liberal-identifying Americans very uncomfortable.

The dissonance is cognitively challenging between a crisis of illegal immigration caused by seemingly open borders smashing into the ugly images of sanctuary cities inundated with non-tax-paying working-age-males from around the world all demanding what they have been promised: free shelter, free healthcare, accelerated work visas, and free education.

Nowhere is that total divide between real people and the 'people' of Washington more evident than on the streets of New York City today as Democratic reps AOC and Jerry Nadler tried to explain how "diversity is our strength", how this could all be solved if we just give these illegal immigrants jobs and shelter; oh, and it's all the Republicans fault that 1000s are sleeping on the streets.

Their carefully-crafted narratives were lost on the group of New-Yorkers who drowned the two politicians out with chants of "close the freaking border!"

“Go back to your country! Go back to your own country!” one woman screamed.

“You are not welcome here! You are not welcome here!”

All perfectly fitting the "only racists and bigots would decry immigrants the opportunity for a new life" narrative.

AOC was not happy that her solution of giving them all jobs, housing, and protected status was not well received...

Jerry Nadler blamed Republicans and told the crowd "immigrants make America strong."

Nadler seemed clueless when pressed about the overcrowding in NY schools.

“New York is welcoming countless migrants,” Nadler said, as protesters yelled behind him.

But, at least he didn't shit himself again.

His comments did not go down well...

The entirely peaceful (note no fires were set or punches thrown) were not satisfied...

However, they are not alone in their systemically-racist 'probably MAGA' views as Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams warned the crisis will “destroy” the city.

Meanwhile, in San Diego...