CNN's Van Jones Sounds Alarm Over 'Grandpa' Joe Biden Running In 2024

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Sep 10, 2023 - 09:00 PM

After seeing this shitshow of a performance by President Biden at the pos-G20-Summit press conference, how can anyone be surprised that even the most vehement 'believer in 'Bidenomics' has had enough...

Reality appears to be setting in for Democrats after a recent poll revealed that two-thirds of Democrat-leaning voters don't want President Biden to run in 2024, 82% of whom said they want "just someone besides Joe Biden."

Jones, a former Obama adviser, was asked by co-host Poppy Harlow on "CNN This Morning" about recent comments from former Obama aide Jim Messina, who told Politico Playbook that Democrats worried about recent polls are "fucking bedwetters."

"If Jim Messina says that we’re bedwetters, invest in Pampers and Depends because a lot of people are terrified that Joe Biden is in real trouble and that you can’t talk about it," Jones said, adding "So that's what's going on."

That said, Jones did admit that Messina "is right" in that "is right” since “it may, in fact, be true that a year from now things look very different because there’s been a year of a real campaign, and all this kind of stuff."

"But right now, today, I think a lot of Democrats look at these numbers and say the whispers are finally showing up in this data," Jones said of a recent CNN poll in which Biden's approval rating has dropped to just 39% - with voters concerned about his advanced age and declining mental faculties.


"They worry about Joe Biden," Jones continued, adding "Joe Biden’s like that grandpa that you love, that you believe in."

(That takes 'probably inappropriate' showers with his daughter?)

"But you start to wonder, you know, would you give this grandpa a high-stress job for six more years or would you want something else for him?"

Frankly, the fact that the president's aides had to play him out tells you all you need to know about the struggles The White House is having to hide Biden's degradation...