Cognitive Decline: Biden Campaign Says They Will Shorten His Speeches

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Sunday, May 05, 2024 - 07:45 PM

Who is actually running the country?

The Biden campaign team has admitted that they are seeking to shorten his speeches, claiming that they are seeking “quality over quantity,” but leading many to presume it is because he can barely talk.' Steve Watson reports that Biden Deputy Campaign manager Quentin Fulks told MSBNC:

“Our campaign believes in quality over quantity. We believe that these touches, these smaller things that are getting to the point about what is going on in the stakes of this election are gonna be easier for the voters to tap into.”

The announcement led many to ask, how much shorter can his speeches get?

At the moment he can barely manage three minutes without slurring and losing a battle with the teleprompter.

The campaign like to air pre recorded speeches, that have scores of edits and cuts in them, blatantly because he struggles to speak more than one sentence at a time.

And when Biden goes off script, he does something idiotic like calling Japan a Xenophobic country:

They are already hiding him from the press after failing to disguise that he can barely walk.

Probably because when he does encounter the press, he freezes and looks like he’s crapping himself:

Is it any wonder he is less popular than any other president in modern history:

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