Cohen Destroyed: Trump Lawyer "Dog Walks" Star Witness Through Lie After Lie, CNN Pundits Aghast

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, May 17, 2024 - 07:51 AM

President Donald Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen had his "knees chopped out" by Donald Trump's defense attorneys in cross-examination during Trump's 'hush money' trial.

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Cohen was grilled by Trump attorney Todd Blanche about a pivotal phone call that connected Trump to allegations that he approved reimbursements to pay porn star Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election. In one exchange, Blanche accused Cohen of lying about speaking with Trump on the phone in October 2016 to reassure his boss that he was handling the payment to Daniels.

Blanche then confronted Cohen with text messages that contradicted the lie - revealing that Cohen in fact spoke with Trump's bodyguard, Keith Schiller.

Trump attorney Todd Blanche grilled him about a pivotal phone call that had connected President Trump to the allegations at the center of the case. He accused Mr. Cohen of calling the former president’s bodyguard, Keith Schiller, to complain about harassing phone calls—not to disclose an update on a plan to purchase the silence of Ms. Clifford.

Mr. Cohen said that the prank calls were a part of the conversation with Mr. Schiller.

“Now your memory is that you were testifying truthfully on Tuesday, and you had enough time to update Mr. Schiller about all the problems you were having with these harassing calls?” Mr. Blanche asked him.

“I always run everything by the boss immediately,” Mr. Cohen said. “It could’ve just been me saying, ‘everything’s been taken care of, it’s been resolved.’”

That was a lie. You did not talk to President Trump that night,” Mr. Blanche said. “You can admit it.” “No sir, I can’t,” Mr. Cohen said. “Because I’m not sure that’s accurate.”

This jury doesn’t want to hear what you think happened,” Mr. Blanche said. -Epoch Times

Cohen appeared blindsided by the line of questioning, and wavered in his recollection of the phone call before blurting out "I believe I was telling the truth!"

Blanche then slapped Cohen around for telling Congress that he didn't want to work in the Trump administration - only to be confronted with conversations in 2016 in which he expressed disappointment that he was overlooked for the role of Trump's chief of staff.

Cohen also lied about seeking a pardon from Trump, for which his attorneys later had to issue a statement to correct the record.

After Cohen had his ass handed to him, CNN pundits were beside themselves.

"It was incredible...lawyers want to build a box around the witness & slam it shut--that's what Todd Blanche did to was an extraordinary cross...Cohen was cornered in...a lie," said host Anderson Cooper.

The network's top legal analyst said "I don't think I've ever seen a star witness get his knees chopped out quite as clearly and dramatically as what just happened with Michael Cohen."

Rep. Matt Gaetz says Cohen was "dog walked through the series of lies he has told."