Colombian Drug Lord Arrested After Operating Out Of Texas Migrant Shelter

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Mar 19, 2024 - 10:40 PM

If you've ever traveled internationally and returned legally to the United States, there is a rigorous vetting process through Customs and Border Protection. But for the millions of migrants that illegally crossed into the US because of open southern border policies enforced by radical leftists in the White House (and secretly pushed by mega-corporations and NGOs), anyone is welcome, including terrorists and drug lords.

Department of Homeland Security claims that migrants entering flooding into the US undergo "robust security vetting," but law-abiding citizens, especially folks in Manhattan, know this statement is malarky as neighborhoods transform into third-world countries overnight.

Earlier this month, White House spokesperson Angelo Fernandez Hernandez doubled down on the big lie, claiming migrants "pass through a rigorous vetting process."

The lack of vetting, whether at the southern or northern border, is producing tragic consequences nationwide.

The chaos is being realized as some illegals embark on rape and/or kill rampages. 

One of the most shocking revelations of the Biden administration's failure to properly vet migrants was in San Antonio, Texas, where authorities recently arrested 29-year-old Aderbis Pirela, one of Interpol's top 10 Most Wanted, for operating a drug ring within a migrant shelter, according to The National Desk.

Pirela, the second-in-command of a violent Colombian gang, was wanted for four murders, drug trafficking, and warrants out of Bogota. The fact that the gangster made it into the US is evident in the lack of a "robust security vetting" process. 

"This just goes to the heart of one of the main issues. The reality is every time Secretary Mayorkas or anybody from this administration tells the American people that we properly vet everyone before we release them is just a lie," former Head of Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan said. 

Morgan continued: "They're provided a false sense of security that doesn't exist. The reality is there are many countries that illegal aliens are coming into our country from that we have zero diplomatic relationships with, and we're getting nothing with respect to their criminal history."

Some of those migrants entering the US are known terrorists. Nearly two dozen were caught attempting entry at the southern border at the end of last year. Currently, Iranian assassin(s) roam free in the US (read: here). And the surging terror threat is likely the real reason why New York City mobilized National Guard troops with machine guns to patrol subways

The issue facing Biden and his loser party of woke communist radicals is these unvetted illegals are being dumped into once-peaceful neighborhoods across metro areas by the tens of thousands. Every death, every rape, every beating an illegal inflicts on anyone will boil in the veins of Americans as they will never forget the pain and suffering Democrats have caused by open borders. They will take this anger out at the ballot box on Nov. 5. Polling data shows Americans are overwhelmingly fed up with open borders. 

By the way, let's not forget the names of the Americans whose lives were cut short by illegals. Say her name: "Laken Riley."