Confidence In America Is Collapsing

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Jun 19, 2023 - 11:30 AM

Authored by Martin Armstrong via,

Despite the cheering from the Washington Post, CNN, NY Times, and the rest of the anti-Democracy press that supports their stringent demands upon the nation, my phone has been in meltdown ever since Trump was arrested. These leftist zealots are cheering the end times for EVERY phone call I have had from Asia to Europe, they are all expressing complete shock that the United States is collapsing and they are now all seeing that our forecast that the 2024 Presidential Election would be the most corrupt in history and market the END of democracy in the United States.

These people just do not get it, they crossed the line and now the view of the United States from the outside looking in, they no longer believe that America is the beacon of liberty to the world. It is becoming so obvious that our computer will be right again. I warned it even was showing that the 2024 election might not even take place. That was a small 18% probability, but that NEVER came up EVER in this history of running our political models – NEVER!

This year, 2023, was a MAJOR Directional Change that was showing up in both the LEFT & the RIGHT databases. The year 2025 is when a president would take office in January.  This has been the #1 target on our political models for decades. The NEOCONS are in full control of the government. There is no way to stop the collapse of the United States at this point. Nobody will listen and there is nothing I can do. People often ask what if people protested? We will never realize the opportunity to reestablish a new form of government post-2032 without the pain and destruction first.

During the Reign of Valentinian I and his brother, Valens, who came to power in 364AD where Valentinian I died in 375 and Valens ruled into 378, there are serious correlations from both and economic and monetary perspective. They too saw their power weakening so they allowed the Goths to cross the Danube and settle within Roman territory provided they would also then serve in the Roman military. This is what is really behind Biden allowing all these people to flood in through the border. What they do not realize,  is that history repeats as Biden grants citizenship in return for military service. The Neocons want to build an army to defeat China and Russia simultaneously. Additionally, they assume that all these illegal aliens will vote Democrat so they can decimate the economy of natural-born citizens.

Besides the barbarians storming across the border as we see today under the Biden Administration, here is a tax collector’s ingot. There was so much debased coinage in circulation, they no longer would accept their own coins in payment for taxes. Instead, the taxes were to be imposed by weight and in-kind. The coins had to be melted down. Below the bar, is a weight you would put on one side of the scale. Here we are on the dawn of digital currencies and the elimination of all paper money and even cryptocurrencies whereby they will only accept digital to end what they see as the black market.

Here is a medieval coin scale serving the same purpose – accept coins only by weight.