Democrats Hint At Assassination In Response To Supreme Court Immunity Decision

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jul 02, 2024 - 02:00 AM

Nobody likes to lose but leftists take indignant defeat to a whole new level.  Though they claim to "defend democracy" in their spare time, Democrats also have a tendency to abandon the democratic process when that process interferes with their intentions to remain in power.  

Case in point: The Supreme Court's recent decision to give immunity from prosecution to Donald Trump in the case of "some official acts" taken during his tenure in office.  Leftists have responded with outrage at the 6-3 decision with much of their political hopes resting on the strategy of burying Trump in as many legal battles as possible to keep him from running for president again.  Democrats are now flooding social media and the news feeds with suggestions that the SC decision makes it possible for Joe Biden as president to eliminate the conservative competition "as a part of his official duties."

The tools for legally punishing presidents already exist, including impeachment and charges of treason.  And, keep in mind, if Trump does not have immunity for previous actions as president, then neither does any other president.  How many skeletons are in the closets of men like Bill Clinton, George W. Bush or Barack Obama?

Beyond this, assassination of a political opponent or the conservative members of the Supreme Court is not recognized as an official duty of the presidency.  Democrats, as usual, take their conclusions to the dramatic extreme in order to provoke public fear through emotionally energized disinformation.  Leftists have been fantasizing publicly about murdering Trump for some time now.  However, these "theories" on how Biden could respond to the Supreme Court are not simple hypotheticals for the sake of argument, there is an element of desperation and bloodlust. 


What they are really upset about is the fact that Trump is free and clear to finish his election race against a mentally deficient Joe Biden.  They're also terrified that Trump might return the favor and seek revenge if he goes back to the Oval Office.

Three out of the four criminal cases brought against Trump last year will now become irrelevant, likely preventing a trial in the federal election subversion case before November.  The fourth case, the hush money trial which led to his conviction this year, is considered the weakest of the efforts because it sought to turn misdemeanor charges into felony charges using an obscure statute.  

It should be noted that Presidents already have immunity from civil liability while in office and must be impeached for a violation before lawsuits can proceed.  The Supreme Court has simply extended that immunity to cover criminal prosecution.

Regardless of how you might feel about Donald Trump it's clear that Democrats have been engaging in a strategy of "lawfare" - The weaponization of the courts as a means to destroy a political opponent instead of facing him head-on in the election arena.  The majority of charges made against Trump have been farcical at best, with little to no evidence to support the commission of an actual crime. 

The SC is likely responding to this lawfare by limiting it to criminal cases outside of presidential acts, of which there are none.  Otherwise, the chicanery on the part of Democrats would cripple the presidency for years to come and every party and president from now on would have to engage in the same lawfare in order to compete.