Democrats Vote For Haley In Desperate Attempt To Derail Trump

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Jan 24, 2024 - 03:10 PM

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Several videos out of New Hampshire show that Democrat voters desperately tried to game the Republican primary to derail Trump’s now inevitable capturing of the Republican nomination.

Remarkably, Democrats were able to vote in a Republican primary, and they did in large numbers for Nikki Haley.

CNN noted that while 70 percent of Trump’s voters were registered Republicans, 70 percent of Haley’s voters were registered undeclared voters. She only garnered 27 percent of registered Republican voters, that being the crowd who still pines for the days of Dick Cheney.

So who are this mysterious 70 percent of unregistered voters suddenly backing Haley?

They’re Democrats.

Here they are bragging about it:

Trump pointed out how ludicrous this is:

Haley ended up with almost 45 percent of the vote, while Trump still won with over 54 percent.

Had it been a real Republican primary, that only registered Republicans can vote in, Trump would have wiped the floor with Haley and there’s no way she would have been able to stay in the race.

Democrats know that Biden can’t beat Trump and so they’re pathetically trying to push Haley now because in almost every poll she loses to Biden in a head to head matchup.

Trump called her “delusional.”

Speaking to supporters, Trump went off on Haley:

And let's not forget that MSNBC's Joy Reid suggested a "donor class" needs to vote for Haley against Trump. As further notes:

The MSNBC host declared after Trump beat Haley in New Hampshire that a “donor class” needs to step in and help Haley “thug it out for a few months” against Trump, in an effort to hurt his campaign as much as possible before the election.

Reid proclaimed that this elite cabal should tell Haley to stay in the race as long as possible and that they’re “going to put some more money in your bank account.”


Reid previously claimed that Haley isn’t doing well because she is a “brown lady”

Sure, Joy.