Desperate, Lying Biden May Abuse AI To Pull The Ultimate Race Hoax

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Jun 01, 2024 - 12:10 PM

Submitted by Ben Sellers via Headline USA,

Joe Biden / IMAGE: @Suzy_1776 via Twitter


Consider, if you will (even those who have been so conditioned by threat of defamation suit never to speak of it), the possibility that the Biden presidency was built upon a major deception: an intentionally stolen election that relied upon illegal ballot-harvesting, manipulation of voting machines and a hodgepodge of factors involving a vast network of intricate moving pieces, each knowing just a small part in the larger script so as to ensure plausible deniability. 

Open your mind, furthermore, to the theoretical premise that Jan. 6 was a false-flag operation intended to derail and deflate the resistance—millions of liberty-loving Americans who witnessed the crime playing out in plain sight while being told their senses were deceiving them and that their own biases and bigotry were the real problem with democracy.

Imagine that the entire lawfare campaign of more than 90 felony charges against former President Donald Trump was little more than a political construct with no legal basis whatsoever, and that those waging this stunning affront on American jurisprudence did so with full awareness of their offense and the implications it may have, but were willing to stake it for their own potential benefit.

And lastly, recognize that everything sandwiched in between these massive conspiracies was a series of smaller lies designed to blunt American voters’ sense of moral outrage and indignation as would China’s notorious “death by a thousand cuts.”

All of the Biden whoppers are delivered by a man whose cognitive faculties may well be in severe decline, but also one who has spent his entire adult life as a sociopathic liar, who takes delight in the mental conquest of lying just as he does the physical conquest of sexual predation.

It is patently clear that 99% of what comes out of Biden’s mouth, and those of his surrogates is an abject, gaslighting falsehood. Many in the voting public have now woken up to this fact, which is why we’ve seen so many red-pilled ex-Biden backers suddenly flipping their support to Trump in protest of all—or even some—of the above.

Taking a page from Adolf Hitler, Democrats already primed people for the so-called Big Lie, deflecting from the fact that they were in the process of committing it by, appropriately enough, projecting it preemptively onto Republicans

Regrettably, we may now be on the cusp of what history will record as the “Biggest Lie,” if and when the truth ever comes to light—something so shamefully bald-faced, so transparently manipulative, that most will think, “They wouldn’t dare lie about that.”

But indeed, Biden has proven nothing if not that he will lie about anything.

We are witnessing the remarkable confluence of several disparate factors that are leading us on the path to the biggest race hoax in recorded history—and yet, it seems obvious, like a black swan event, that something so dastardly would be the inevitable outcome of putting the declining Democrat ethos and the rise in artificial intelligence-generated disinformation together in a tinderbox that includes the bombastic Donald Trump.


On Thursday, a former producer from Trump’s ABC television show The Apprentice drudged up a long simmering rumor regarding tapes of Trump having used the n-word to refer to contestant Kwame Jackson.

Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung called it a “a completely fabricated and bullsh*t story,” Politico reported.

Many critics have pointed out that President Joe Biden’s own troubled history when it comes to making controversial remarks about race often undermines his current posturing about being a champion of minority causes.

Nonetheless, Biden’s campaign—after recently botching the rollout on an eight-figure effort to win back black voters—made hay of the Trump smear, releasing an official statement to torque up the race-baiting allegation.

No one is surprised that Donald Trump, who entered public life by falsely accusing [b]lack men of murder and entered political life spreading lies about the first [b]lack president, reportedly used the N-word to casually denigrate a successful [b]lack man,” claimed Jasmine Harris, the Biden campaign’s director of black media.

The campaign also appeared to have been coordinating with Pruitt on the story, which he released in a Slate op-ed, as it had canned footage ready to roll out of former Trump staffer turned critic Omarosa Manigault Newman leveling unsubstantiated ‘racism’ claims against her ex-boss.

The explosive “n-word” allegation is nothing new, however. In fact, comedian Tom Arnold made such claims in 2016 but never furnished the evidence. Arnold even produced a television series, the Hunt for the Trump Tapes, which was widely panned as “unwatchable.”

Pruitt, the current accuser, weighed in obliquely at the height of the Steele dossier frenzy, going so far as to suggest that the mythical Trump “pee tapes,” which proved to be a total fabrication, were not the worst thing out there.

He now claims to be released from a 20-year non-disclosure agreement and ready to reveal everything, but the timing seems to be particularly suspicious.


Pruitt’s revival of the eight-year-old smear attack came as all nearly other nuclear attacks on Trump appeared to be failing, leaving his opponents in a dire position as they dug their hole deeper and deeper with potential consequences. (It remains to be seen how Trump’s conviction on Thursday will impact his overall momentum.)

It also comes at a pivotal moment when Trump seems poised to make a major push for black and Hispanic voters following his high-profile rally in the Bronx.

The shift seems rightfully to be triggering a panic among Democrats, who see their core constituency slipping away. Without minorities, they may still have the material advantages of being the party of the cultural and corporate elite but will lose much of their moral high ground and struggle to be taken seriously by those they are seeking to rule.

Pruitt’s allegation also comes, ironically, amid the outrageous finale of a trial that dealt intricately with the violation of another Trump non-disclosure agreement, for which the violator never faced any adverse legal consequences and was, in many ways, financially rewarded and publicly lionized in the leftist press.

Lost in the Trump Manhattan trial about his alleged falsification of business documents to pay off porn star Stormy Daniels was the fact that the $130,000 paid to Daniels by Michael Cohen did not fulfill its contracted purpose.

Prior to the November 2016 election, the Wall Street Journal published a story that named Daniels and Playboy bunny Karen McDougal, alleging the two had received hush-money payments to keep quiet about their decade-old affairs with Trump. Within two years, some of the key players in the purported scandal were speaking openly about it.

Suffice it to say, if Pruitt had the evidence at the time to support his allegation about Trump using the n-word on The Apprentice, those tapes would have found their way into the hands of interested parties somewhere along the way long before Trump’s third presidential run.

It is reasonable to infer that the absence of the tapes up to this point suggests they don’t exist.


Frighteningly, what does now exist is a rapid surge in artificial intelligence technology that could allow the Biden campaign to produce fake tapes of Trump using the pejorative, sowing just enough suspicion among his nascent black supporters that they would flock back to the fold on the Democrat plantation.

Already, we have seen the technology put to frightening use to imitate Biden’s voice in a fake robocall that went out to New Hampshire voters, telling them to stay home since he wasn’t on the ballot, despite an expensive write-in campaign to deliver him a victory in the Granite State.

The deep-fake was traced back to the owner of a telecom company in Texas, who had previously donated money to Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign.

The technology also has been misused to create pornography of high school students and to scam a company out of $25 million with a phony conference call. And oh yea, the CIA has admitted it is taking full advantage of it for undisclosed purposes.

Most perniciously, it has already been used for at least one race hoax. A disgruntled high school athletic director in Baltimore was caught using deep-fake software to mimic the voice of his principal going on a racist and anti-Semitic rant in retaliation for a probe of his misappropriation of school funds.

The rant appeared on Instagram and quickly began to circulate. Although AI was suspected almost immediately, Pikesville High School Eric Eiswert was subjected to negative publicity and an intensive a forensic investigation that drew in the FBI and experts from the University of California, Berkeley, before he was ultimately vindicated.

The potential for AI abuse, paired with the Biden administration’s penchant and proclivity for it, would certainly lead one to wonder, should a tape of Trump using the “n-word” suddenly surface, whether its authenticity could be trusted.

Would Biden, or another bad actor working on his behalf, be willing to stoop so low as to falsely smear someone with an entirely made-up tape in order to deceive and manipulate a particular class of voters into making a misinformed decision?

Sadly, if past is prologue, one need no longer ask questions about the depths to which they will stoop.

Will it work? If so, it would simultaneously be a breakthrough achievement in AI technology—the successful passage, perhaps, of a sort of Turing test on the road to singularity—and a new low-water mark for America, as it faces a bombardment of structure tests from the radical Marxist subversives hoping to topple it for once and for all.

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