Devon Archer Tells Tucker About "Icarus Moment" When Biden Influence Peddling Went Too Far

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Aug 04, 2023 - 04:05 PM

Tucker Carlson dropped the second segment of his interview with Devon Archer on Friday, where the former Hunter Biden business partner revealed new details about the Biden influence peddling operation.

To be clear, most of the hour-long interview is Tucker allowing Archer to provide well-rehearsed answers to softball questions - as though it's a PR campaign designed to present Archer as an innocent entrepreneur who did what anyone would do in his shoes, while throwing Hunter under the bus for influence peddling and providing cover for President Joe Biden - who Archer last week told Congressional investigators wasn't directly involved in Hunter's dealings.

But there were some interesting tidbits:

"Did you ever, were you aware, do you have knowledge that Hunter spoke to his dad about Burisma?" asked Carlson.

"Do I have knowledge? Archer replied, carefully.

"Yes. Do you have know that spoke to his dad about Burisma? Did you ever see them talk about it? Hear them talk about it?" Carlson asked.

"No, I don’t have knowledge of that, though I assume it."

Archer also called his partnership with Hunter "a very big strategic mistake."

"Looking back at the body of work, it was a very big strategic mistake for me to be involved with him and so it was my fault because quite frankly I was pitching Burisma Rosemont Realty and that ended up, the genesis, that was me but the trajectory of my life would’ve been far different and arguable far better if I have never met him," he said.

Archer also confirmed that former Ukrainian prosecutor Victor Shokin was a threat to Burisma. Shokin was notably fired after Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in US loan guarantees - and then bragged about it in public. According to a leaked FD-1023 form, Burisma boss Mykola Zlochevsky bribed Joe and Hunter Biden with $5 million each.

And in another portion of the interview, Archer describes the 'Icarus moment' where he realizes they'd pushed the relationship with Joe too far.

"We were in Doha ... running around with some of the royal family at another conference... and they release some picture on the website that Hunter had joined the board, and that was kind of my... that was like the Tipping Point where Icarus had arrived a little too close... and the rest you know...

....that was really that was The Icarus moment when I saw that.

Burisma released it, didn't tell us, and it was like the most Googled news story like in the world for 18 hours and yeah I was like this is going to be a different well because to a civilian you're thinking okay huge super lucrative Eastern Europe right natural gas incredible sort of semi-employed kind of lawyer lobbyist from DC, like, what is he doing on their board?"

... was very clear that the Burisma guys were hoping to leverage Hunter's relationship with the vice president his father ... at one point they told Hunter to quote call his dad.

I think, referencing the email that you you put earlier, there was constant pressure to to send signals to Leverage all of his ins, you know, his dad included. But the Biden brand all of the, you know, the the the DC Insider and relationships to help Burisma survive - I think that's, you know, at the end of the day what we're talking about."


And watch the entire interview below: