DHS Joins With Woke Universities To Label "Manosphere" A Terror Threat

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Jan 03, 2024 - 12:20 AM

Since at least the year 2020 the Department of Homeland Security has been funding a series of woke university programs across the country.  They have spent millions of dollars (that we know of) to incentivize academic groups, not with the goal of countering foreign terror elements or even to investigate US preppers and patriots, but to develop tools for disrupting what some call the “Manosphere” movement (previously known as the Red Pill movement) – A movement focused on countering feminism and feminist propaganda.

Is arguing logically against feminism really such a threat to the nation?  No, but it is a threat to the woke movement, which has been on the decline in recent years as more and more information about their ideology is scrutinized by the public.

Woke activism, which includes third-wave feminism, is transparently astroturf.  It relies on billions of dollars in funding supplied by elitist institutions such as the Ford Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation and the Open Society Foundation.  The oppressive authoritarian nature of the woke apparatus has given rise to a large individualist counter-culture that is truly grassroots and this includes various men's rights groups, political commentators and YouTubers (collectively known as the Manosphere).  

The division has created what many refer to as the “culture war.”  And, if it wasn't clear by now, evidence shows that government agencies have chosen a side...

In a more recent exposure, documents have surfaced from a DHS funded program linked to the University of Arizona, home of the McCain Institute. Included in the network are a number of NGOs and Big Tech conglomerates as well as the SPLC and ADL.  The project rhetoric ties the Manosphere to extremism, racism and even terrorism.  

The thrust of the effort appears to be propaganda based, with a tandem scheme to “redirect” social media and web traffic away from Manosphere related commentators.  ASU referred to the program as “hate speech surveillance.”

The “Redirect Method” was mentioned as a useful mechanism by the Rand Corporation in 2018.  We saw this strategy play out to some extent during covid, when every major social media platform attempted to redirect traffic away from alternative media sources and into the arms of corporate news platforms.

Such grants are offered under the TVPT (Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention) program. In 2023 the DHS announced the award of 34 of these grants to the tune of $20 million.  That's millions of dollars of your tax money going into the pockets of woke academics so that they can fabricate new ways to undermine western values.  

As part of TVTP, in 2022 the DHS gave $659,327 to fund Diverting Hate, a group of students and at ASU who were studying “incels,” or “involuntary celibates”—a term used to describe young men who can’t attract romantic partners.  The incel moniker is a purely feminist concept originally used as a way to ridicule young men who speak out against woke beliefs (the insinuation being that if they don't embrace feminism no woman will want to associate with them).  They then expanded on the label to suggest that these men will inevitably turn to lone wolf terrorism out of frustration.   

Keep in mind, many of these DHS projects were launched in the midst of the covid pandemic hype and the mass censorship that came with it.  The establishment may have felt that it was the perfect time to go-for-broke and construct censorship protocols for any and every group rebelling against the prevailing narrative.  It hasn't been very long since that period of leftist insanity, but even now the pendulum is swinging back against them.

The only reason to associate counter-feminism with terrorism is to make authoritarian measures against the Manosphere more “palatable” for the public.  To connect philosophical opponents to treason or terrorism is a political attack that government bodies and power hungry zealots have used for all of recorded history, but in this case it feels like the desperate behavior of a cult that is on the verge of fading into obscurity.

The idea that men and masculinity are a threat to society is the root argument of third-wave feminism.  It's no longer about equal rights, which they already have; now it's about removing masculine (and traditional) influences from culture altogether.  The current government seems to be fully in support of this cleansing and, if you think about it, it makes perfect sense – It's a lot easier for authoritarians to control a society if the men in that society have been psychologically neutered and are incapable of fighting back.