Discrimination Is Good: Without It Civilization Would Collapse

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Mar 06, 2024 - 11:20 PM

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When we hear the word “discrimination” we often associate it with the concept of racial prejudice, the act of hate based purely on skin color or ethnicity. Multiple generations of westerners have been conditioned over the years to treat discrimination as an anathema to civilization – A net negative. But is all discrimination “unjust,” or is it sometimes necessary to keep civilization safe and intact?

Every person on Earth discriminates in one way or another because it’s a survival imperative, but let me clarify what I mean when I use the term. I argue that discrimination is simply the act of refusing to associate with another person or group, and this is often NOT based merely on skin color or differences in appearance. In reality, most discrimination is rooted in personal safety and cultural security.

Human beings are tribal, there’s no way around this biological imperative and it will never change. Tribalism is based on physical safety, but also ideological safety. Human beings form tribes and kingdoms and nations and borders because they have a particular set of values, religious beliefs and cultural norms that they want to maintain and protect. They have found a system that works for them and that keeps their society from imploding, and they want to ensure that there is no sabotage of that system from within.

Hence, the need for suspicion and discrimination when a tribe is faced with outsiders that champion a hostile or contrary ideal. The threat of being subsumed and destroyed by another tribe’s culture has been a motivator for discrimination since human history began.

Another factor is the discrimination of certain behaviors. Human tribes learned long ago that destructive people are sometimes born and no amount of social pressure can make them different. Psychopaths, some sociopaths, narcopaths, the severely mentally ill, etc. cannot be allowed to thrive within a tribe or they will eventually cause great harm. The tribe could even break apart and die out.

It’s not a white person thing, it’s not a western thing, it’s a reality for every group of humans on the planet.  We don’t all need to agree on one homogeneous civilization that embraces every person and all behaviors.  It’s okay for us to separate from each other and live differently (at least to a point). It’s okay to not want to associate with mentally unhinged or evil persons that create chaos within society, and it’s okay to reject the imposition of incompatible and alien philosophies.

Leftists and globalists, on the other hand, assert that ANY separation and lack of association between groups is unacceptable. There can be only one tribe and that tribe MUST follow progressive/socialist mandates. It’s the Tower of Babel all over again and the leftist ideal is decidedly intolerant of anyone that does not conform to centralization. A key part of this globalist philosophy is the demonization of discrimination.

Moral Decay Feeds Authoritarian Subterfuge

The woke religion relies on the leftist fallacy that all discrimination is a “social negative.” There are a few reasons why they push this narrative. Without discrimination there can be no moral judgment. Without the application of morals and standards of behavior, society cannot survive and it will eventually collapse. This is exactly what leftists want.

Once a society collapses it can be rebuilt with a certain authoritarian flexibility and in the image leftists prefer.  They will assert their own rules, their own taboos, their own mandates and their own vision. Specifically, they want to tear down western civilization and replace it with something rooted in moral relativism. In a morally relative world, all evil becomes permissible as long as the group doing evil controls the application of law.

We see this most distinctly in the spread of the trans movement and the invasion of woke politics in public schools. The blatant sexualization of children is happening right now across the west and it is supported by corporate interests, state governments and the current federal government.  This agenda includes the rationalization of some pretty heinous behaviors, like pedophilia.

Conservatives were once called “conspiracy theorists” for arguing that this was the end game for woke activism, and yet, here we are, fighting to keep pornography out of elementary school and middle-school libraries as academics argue that pedophiles should be treated as a protected sexual orientation.

There are even leftist politicians today openly admonishing discrimination of pedophiles as a brand of “hate speech” and laws are being passed in states like California to reduce punishments for such criminals. There is a clear program in motion to make something evil into something protected or even celebrated.

Cultural Sabotage Through Mass Immigration And Forced Association

Beyond the issue of necessary moral discrimination, there is the problem of cultural invasion. In Europe the danger is becoming existential, with at least 20 million migrants flooding into the EU in the past several years and more arriving everyday. Many of these migrants are from Islamic fundamentalist nations and they have no intention of assimilating into a western structure. Rather, they plan to change or deconstruct the west from within through something called “soft jihad.”

The bottom line? Islamic fundamentalism and Sharia Law are utterly incompatible with western principles and the two groups CANNOT exist peacefully in the same society. It is impossible. The rising calls by Europeans for the removal of migrants is not based in racism, it is driven by a cultural survival mechanism. Europeans can see the writing on the wall – In 10 to 20 years time their culture will no longer exist and they are acting to protect it.

In the US, the invasion is more political. Millions of migrants are being allowed to sneak into the US as Democrats continue to interfere with border security measures enforced by states like Texas. At the same time they are creating incentives for migrants to come here by offering welfare and subsidies, not to mention the potential for a general amnesty that would give them easy citizenship.

Most of these illegals come from socialist leaning countries and they have no concept whatsoever of what a Constitutional Republic is or what constitutional rights are. These migrants are a weapon being used by leftists to saturate the US. It is a strategy to erase conservative principles through attrition.

The Value Of Separation

Western civilization, western science, and free markets are perhaps the most profound accomplishments in the history of mankind, resulting in an extreme reduction in overall global poverty when compared to centuries past. In 1820, 94% of the global population was living in extreme poverty.  By 2015, that number dropped to 9.6% and the world’s population is vastly larger.

The moral foundations of the west, while not always adhered to as we might prefer, are still the bedrock for some of the most free and most prosperous people of any era. There are good reasons to protect the west from alien cultures that want to undermine it.

There also good reasons to discriminate against and expel leftists/globalists who grew up here but who are obsessed with deconstructing all remnants of the system because they think they know better. At no point have I ever heard a leftist group say: “Hey, we should all move to another place together and start a fresh new socialist experiment away from interference.”

No, they do not believe in separation. They want OUR culture. They want to stand on the ruins of our accomplishments and force everyone to accept their system, their beliefs and their moral relativism. Infestation, oppression and possession are the building blocks of their ideology.  The only solution is unapologetic and uncompromising discrimination against their kind. It’s okay to not invite cancer into your body.  It’s okay to not invite a vampire into your home.  It’s okay to not invite evil into your society. It’s good to discriminate.