Dismal NBC Approval Poll Shows Biden's Chances Of Reelection Plummeting

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Feb 06, 2024 - 11:50 PM

Did Joe Biden really have the numbers in 2023 to beat Donald Trump as some surveys indicated?  If he did, he certainly doesn't have them in 2024.  The polls are increasingly ugly for Democrats - public approval for the Biden Administration has hit the lowest levels in modern presidential history next to Jimmy Carter (a man who also mismanaged a stagflationary crisis).  Even the corporate media has been forced to acknowledge that things don't look so good for “the big guy.”  

NBC has released its latest survey, which indicates a growing lead for Donald Trump in the general election (Trump 47% vs Biden 42%), but Trump also has a dramatic edge over Biden in most public issue categories.  On the economy, 55% of respondents preferred Trump vs 33% for Biden.  On border security, 57% wanted Trump and only 22% thought Biden would do a better job.  In dealing with crime, 48% would vote Trump vs. 32% for Biden.  And, when asked which candidate was more competent and mentally capable, 48% said Trump vs 32% for Biden.

A smaller percentage of people in each category chose the option of “not sure.”

NBC polling continues to observe an accelerating decline for Joe Biden in terms of public perception on a host of top concerns.  This seems to mirror his overall low approval rating which just dropped again to 37%

Democrats have taken to social media recently to demand answers, racking their brains trying to figure out why Biden's brand is sinking faster than Bud Light.    

Extremely low voter turnout for the Democratic Primaries (only 4% of Democrats were interested this year) is not necessarily an indication of how many Dems will show up at the ballot box (or mail box) in November.  However, the stagflationary crisis, the draconian covid lockdowns, unnecessary tensions with Russia and the border crisis that Biden created by erasing numerous Trump era measures have left the American public with a sour taste in their mouths.

People are less inclined to forget government trespasses than political think tanks seem to realize.  They're definitely not going to overlook 30%-plus higher prices on most goods and services since 2020.  One must truly struggle to think of a single positive result of Biden's last three years.  Even the low unemployment rate is mired in the suspicious creative math used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the public just isn't buying it.   

One could argue that the election of 2024 isn't about which candidate is loved; it's about which candidate is less hated or mistrusted.  Under these conditions, Trump clearly wins.  Others would point out that ongoing national and global instability might disrupt the elections or throw them into disarray (as we witnessed when the covid pandemic struck in the middle of election season 2020 and mail-in ballots became a mainstay).  

If this is the case, the Biden Administration would be a primary beneficiary.  As it turns out, the long running propaganda campaign to demonize conservatives may have had the opposite effect to what Democrats intended.  Biden might need more than another overnight miracle in November to keep his seat in the Oval Office.