Donald Trump Jr. Says His Father May Tap Tucker Carlson As Running Mate

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Jan 19, 2024 - 03:20 PM

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President Trump’s son, Donald Trump junior has said that there is a good chance his father may choose Tucker Carlson as his running mate.

Speculation over who Trump will pick ramped up last week after he said that he has already made a decision on who his running mate will be.

When asked by Newsmax if the rumours of Carlson being the one had any validity, Trump Jr. said “I would love to see that happen. That would certainly be a contender.”

“That clearly would be on the table, right.” he continued, adding “I mean they’re very friendly, I think they agree on virtually all of these things,” including “stopping the never-ending war.”

Trump Jr. suggested several other names including Ben Carson and even Ron DeSantis, who Trump continues to call ‘DeSanctimonious’.


 One person Trump Jr. was sure won’t be a contender is Nikki Haley.

“I think she’s being funded by Democrats, right? I mean, you see that. She’s got Democrat megadonors funding her campaign. The people who are getting her gains in New Hampshire are all Democrats,” he added.

“So, I probably see that as part of that sort of globalist Democrat, RINO tactic of dragging this out to make it harder for Trump to win a general,’ Trump Jr. further noted.

Rumours have been circling for some time about Tucker Carlson being in the running.

However, Carlson himself has suggested that Vivek Ramaswamy is the “most authentic” candidate:

Tucker Suggests Trump Should Pick Vivek As His Running Mate

Carlson also agrees that Nikki Haley is the worst possible candidate, but that she may be foisted on Trump as a way of later taking him down.

Meanwhile, there is this looming on the Democrat side of things…

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