Why Does A Woke Maryland Private School Want To Know The Gender Identity Of Young Students, And If They Had "Oral Sex"?

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Apr 18, 2024 - 01:20 AM

The parents of an elite Baltimore County, Maryland, private school, where tuition ranges from $32,000 for lower school to as high as $38,000 for upper school per year, are beyond frustrated. Many can't voice their concerns about the woke mind virus infecting the school's administration because contracts signed during the Covid era silence them from speaking out. 

The St. Paul's School in the Greenspring area, just above imploding Baltimore City, and nestled in steeplechase horse country, continues to have a weird fetish about asking young, vulnerable students about their "gender" and "sexuality."

In January, parents went bonkers when an "identity inventory" was handed out to young boys. The questionnaire asked them if they were "Cisgender" or "Transgender" or "Gender Non-Conforming" or "Agender." 

After the school hushed up several parents, making an example out of at least one, where the parent's kids were suspended then reinstated after the parent spoke out on social media about wokenism being injected into the curriculum, the school could not help itself by going down the woke rabbit hole - once again. 

Yet more parents have contacted us about another survey given to young girls at the school. This time, it's called the "Independent School Health Check," and it was administered by the Indiana University Center For Survey Research. 

Parents are particularly livid with these two questions (and the answers)

  1. "Do you currently identify your gender as being the same or different from your sex assigned at birth?"
  2. "How do you describe yourself?"

One parent told us this is a "grooming mechanism ..." 

One very concerned parent asked why their kids are data mined by the school like Google does for internet search browsers.

Another parent voiced concerns that other private schools in the area have "gone full woke," while public schools in the state are imploding. 

The lesson learned is parents need to heavily vet schools and or get involved to ensure their children are not being brainwashed by dangerous wokeism. 

As for the concerned parents, now is the best time to homeschool - or how about - starting a non-woke school that actually focuses on learning instead of toxic gender nonsense.