Entire Board Of Major UK Charity Sacked For Being White

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Dec 01, 2023 - 08:30 AM

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A major charity in the UK has dismissed its entire board claiming that they are all too “white and privileged”.

The Daily Mail reports that The Tudor Trust, which has a net worth of £288million and gives away around £20 million a year, is ‘rethinking’ its future, pledging to be a “more diverse group” and to put “social justice and anti-racism” at the centre of its activity.

After offing the entire board based on their skin colour, remaining staff have been mandated to to undergo training in ‘racial justice’ and ‘white supremacy culture’, according to the report.

White staff were reportedly separated from black, Asian and other minority ethnic staff and given separate training on “the different characteristics of racism born of Britain’s colonial history, as well as the white supremacy culture that prevails”.

The charity, founded in 1955, conducted an internal “anti-racist review” overseen by interim director Raji Hunjan (pictured above) and issued a press release describing the move as “a journey towards a better understanding of the history of racism”.

The charity claims the move was inspired by Black Lives Matter protests.

A statement by the Tudor Trust noted “We recognise that we live in a society that is shaped by white privilege and racism. We also acknowledge that being a family Trust has given rise to a trustee board that is almost entirely white and privileged. While the profile of the staff of the trust is more diverse, we recognise that, throughout the organisation, most of us do not have experience of what it means to be discriminated against because of our colour.”

The Telegraph also reports that the charity has employed Cadence Partners, an “inclusive recruitment” consultancy agency, to help hire new staff. The company prides itself on “building talent pipelines” for “minority ethnic, disability, gender, LGBTQ+”, and refers to revolutionary Marxist Angela Davis as “a voice for social justice”.

Another organisation that has been consulted is the Power & Integrity project, which claims that “colonialism, patriarchy, and racism intersect and underpin unjust societal ‘norms’” which act to maintain “existing privilege”.

An advert seeking new trustees states candidates should have a “strong personal commitment to justice, diversity, equity and inclusion,” and have some “expertise in anti-racism, equity and inclusion”.

The ad for a new Chair Designate says applicants should have a “deep understanding of social and racial justice, and experience of applying this to systemic change”.

In the meantime, all grants going to good causes, previously around 250 grants a year, averaging £80,000 each, have been halted for the past year and a half.

Sterling work, you must agree.

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