The Exodus Continues: Blue Regions Still Bleeding As Residents Escape Democrat Policies

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Apr 13, 2024 - 11:15 PM

Can Democrats take a hint?  The answer is obviously no, but with millions of people flooding out of Democrat controlled places and relocating to more conservative regions one might think they would finally get the message.

Blue cities and states across the US have been experiencing a mass exodus of legal residents since before the pandemic event; many of them business owners taking their money (and job opportunities) with them.  The hardest hit states in the country include New York, Illinois and California, with cities like NYC, LA, Chicago and San Francisco seeing some of the most aggressive population shift.  In states like California the standard operating procedure has been to lie about the situation, using the surge of illegal immigrants to hide population loss in the census.   

There are a multitude of reasons for the great American migration:  The pandemic lockdowns made many people realize Democrats are inclined towards authoritarian policies and they left because they wanted freedom. Sanctuary status is allowing illegals to flood into blue areas, straining welfare programs and inflating housing costs.  The bureaucracy of leftist cities creates a concrete barrier to success for most small to medium business owners, and even larger companies and chains are ready to exit because of high taxes and over-regulation.  Finally, soft prosecution laws in blue states and cities have led to a clear spike in criminal activity which Democrats are also trying to deny.

It's estimated by Zillow's chief economist that establishing a residency in California would require around $1 million or more in starting money.  The state has the second highest cost of living in the nation, as well as the worst reported job growth in the nation in 2023.  Property prices are exploding higher, but with fewer and fewer buyers.  This is probably why California has been dead last on the list of most desirable states to move to for the past few years running.   

No one wants to be left holding the bag in a state or city where it's becoming impossible to leave.  For people with the money, relocation is a no-brainer.  

Another factor which is going mostly ignored by the establishment media is the rising trend of political disassociation.  The left has become so extreme in their views and behavior that the rest of the populace doesn't want to deal with them anymore.  Conservatives and independents are rushing for the exits to get as far away from these people as possible.

Contrary to popular fears among conservatives, the exodus has not pushed voting numbers towards progressive politicians or policies in the slightest.  In fact, Idaho has reported a considerable influx of conservative voters moving in after escaping blue states.  Similar reports are coming out of Texas and Florida.  There is no blue tide.  There is no California takeover - Red states are only turning more red.

Are progressives moving out of the cities, too?  Yes, to the suburbs and to outlying towns within driving distances of their original homes.  It's getting to the point where even leftists are admitting their own cities are not livable. The latest U-Haul data helps to explain the developments more clearly.

The exodus is now having visible effects on Democrat havens that can no longer be hidden.  Crime activity is so suffocating that many corporate chains are leaving, only to be threatened by city politicians with legal reprisals if they shut down.  If Democrats can't trick people into staying, they plan to force people to stay.