Farage: "I Do Know One Thing, A Woman Can't Have A Penis"

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Jun 05, 2024 - 07:30 AM

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via,

Nigel Farage started his campaign to be elected as an MP by making clear his views on gender identity, declaring, “I do know one thing, that a woman can’t have a penis.”

The Reform Party leader shocked the political world last weekend by announcing he had changed his mind on running in the upcoming general election and will now stand for office.

That set off a wave of excitement not seen in British politics for half a decade, with Farage launching his campaign in Clacton earlier today.

Farage immediately sought to distance himself from wokeism by refusing to embrace transgenderism.

“What do I have to offer you? Well, I can promise you that I do know one thing – that a woman can’t have a penis,” said Farage as the crowd reacted with laughter and cheers.

“You won’t get any woke PC nonsense from me because I’ve always told it as it is,” he added.

Polls show that the former UKIP leader has a very good chance of defeating his Conservative rival in Clacton and becoming an elected MP.

Farage urged the voters of Clacton to “send him to Parliament to be a bloody nuisance” to the political establishment as Conservative Party MPs worried his intervention would hand victory to Labour.

In reality, as we document in the video below, the only means of creating an effective right-wing opposition to Labour, who are virtually guaranteed to win in a landslide anyway, is to completely destroy the Tories.

The Conservative Party has overseen 14 years of managed decline of Britain to the point where, thanks to mass migration, parts of the country are unrecognizable.

Tories had the temerity to accuse Farage of betraying the will of the British public on immigration by helping Labour when under their watch 120,000 illegal boat migrants have entered the country.

That’s not to mention deranged levels of legal immigration which now mean more than a million new people are entering the UK every year and net migration is running at over 600,000.

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