Fast Feud: Shootings At Wendy's, Chipotle Go Viral

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Apr 07, 2024 - 10:05 PM

Two shootings at fast food restaurants in Democrat-run cities went viral last week, after enraged customers went off on employees during arguments.

On Friday night, a trigger-happy customer got into an argument with a Chipotle employee near Detroit, reportedly over guacamole.

According to Fox2, customers were eating when they heard an argument break out between another customer and an employee. When the employee went to the back of the restaurant, the customer walked around the counter and tried to shove food in his bag, when the employee intervened.

"Then the employee came back, and they started fighting, and then we heard a gunshot and just ran out as quickly as we could," one witness told the outlet.

The employee was shot in the leg.

A customer who recorded the incident said that the suspect "took his time getting out" after firing the gun.

"I was in my car and I saw him walk out to his car, close the door, and just drive off — he didn’t speed off or anything, it was weird to see," he said.

The victim was transferred to a local hospital where he was listed in stable condition with a non-life-threatening injury, Fox News reports.

The suspect, a 33-year-old male from Detroit, was arrested near the restaurant and the firearm recovered by police.

Meanwhile at a Chicago Wendy's, an employee was injured when a disgruntled DoorDash driver opened fire because the restaurant didn't have any record of the order, CBS News Chicago reports.

Via CBS News

When the unidentified worker involved in the incident told the driver that the order did not exist, the two began arguing. When the worker notified her manager about the dispute, the driver shot into the building - during which bullets shattered the drive-up window and left the female worker with a wound to her right arm.

The suspect in the Wendy's shooting remains at large.

Know who won't get shot (with all food behind plate glass windows and a prison-style slot delivery)?