The Fragile State

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Mar 13, 2024 - 08:20 PM

Authored by T.L.Davis via Substack,

The election elixir provides for the soothing of anger, the time needed to quell hostile attitudes, time that can round off of sharp edges and provide for a more thoughtful, considered path forward. Political victories dissipate the vitriol. When a republic is functioning well, this a blessing to calm inflamed tempers, but when a republic is overthrown from within, it becomes a game played by politicians to defy the will of the people and dull the anger at betrayal that rightfully belongs to them.

A poll came out recently by Rasmussen that states up to 57% of Democrats want congress to refuse to certify the election if Trump wins.

By their own definition, they want their elected officials to engage in insurrection.

With no challenges as to the veracity of the election, they simply want him to be prevented from being seated.

When I write about the inevitable breakup of the union, this is what I’m talking about. It’s not just on one side. It’s not just the South reliving some confederate dreams. There is a dividing point between what Americans believe the nation should be. There are states that hate the population centers with due cause. Now the book White Rural Rage offers those population centers justification for hating those in the rural areas. Hate fuels all conflict and if it doesn’t exist, there are people dedicated to creating it for the purpose of division.

But I don’t think the nation comes apart from politics. It’s a catalyst, but not a prime driver. That comes, typically, from economics, usually destroyed in one way or another by war. In the case of the United States, it’s being driven by economics alone, an unrestrained and growing debt exacerbated today by Biden’s 7.5 trillion dollar budget calling for 5.5 trillion dollars in tax increases. Even by that math, there’s a 2 trillion dollar deficit on top the already established 2-2.5 trillion dollar deficits into the future, growing as they go.

Biden et al, thinks they can gain some popularity by heaping that 5.5 trillion dollar tax increase on the wealthy, but common sense dictates that the wealthy will never pay a dime, so it’s just a boomerang 5.5 trillion dollar tax increase on the working poor.

Forget middle class, that’s been eliminated by inflation and phased out through subsequent generations.

There are videos of Millennials complaining that despite college educations and a couple of jobs, they still can’t make house payments, or even buy a house.

They’ve been phased out of the middle class, but they don’t realize it.

It’s hard to think of the United States as fragile.

All of history prior to the 1970s suggested that we were not. It wasn’t until I saw it losing its understanding of what made it strong that I began to feel it could be brought down internally, by those who ran it. It took a while longer, during the Tea Party era, when I realized that none of the politicians would or could do anything about it. Some can make it worse faster, but none of them seemed interested in solving any of the people’s issues. Letting that fester for another decade and allowing illegitimate people into the system without calling them on it and pushing them aside, like Obama, brought us to a place where there is no interest in the republic, only in power. We speak to them about the constitution and we might as well be describing something on the back of a cereal box.

We are now fragile on several different planes, economic, politic, military and society. It’s all just a boiling caldron of hostility and punishment. Most good people know no other way to be and become victims of the powerful. The way institutions have treated illegals versus citizens, criminals versus veterans tell the whole story. Clinging to the way things have been, trusting people we have trusted, doctors, lawyers, cops even soldiers is only going to lead us to annihilation, because they use that trust to devise ways to destroy us.

I don’t like to think of the United States the way I suggest it must be thought of, but it has to change. Forces beyond our control will continue to victimize us if we let them. The simple answer is to resist. I know that there are few who really understand it, that it has to come apart in order to rebuild. The communists/globalists won’t wait for us to get a grip on it before they move. They like the chaos they are fomenting, because it does keep us off balance and unsure of the next steps.

We have to find the resolve and we have to find it quickly and we have to walk boldly toward our future, a new future, or we won’t have one.

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