Gen-Z American YouTuber Kidnapped In Haiti 

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Mar 30, 2024 - 11:15 PM

A YouTube and Twitch star known as "YourFellowArab" was reportedly kidnapped by a ruthless Haitian gang. The Gen-Zer attempted to interview gang leader Jimmy 'Barbecue' Cherizier earlier this month amid the Caribbean nation's descent into civil war

Local media outlet Haiti24 reports Addison Pierre Maalouf traveled from his home in Atlanta to interview Barbecue, the leader of the G9 Family and Allies, abbreviated as "G9" or "FRG9", a coalition of over a dozen Haitian gangs based in Port-au-Prince. 

But on March 14, the YouTuber was kidnapped by a group of armed men from the "400 Mawozo" gang. 

Haiti24 reports

The incident took place when he was returning from Cap-Haïtien, accompanied by his Haitian colleague, Sacra Sean. Adisson Pierre Maalouf went to Delmas 6 to do an interview with Jimmy Cerisier, aka "Barbecue," a spokesperson for Viv Ansanm.

The outlet continued: 

According to information, the kidnappers, acting under the orders of the fearsome gang leader "Lanmò 100 jou", member of the "Viv Ansanm" coalition, demanded an exorbitant ransom of $600,000 for the journalist's release. Despite the payment of an initial tranche of $40,000, the kidnappers demanded a much larger sum for his complete release.

Addison makes videos about his experiences with gangsters all over the world. In one recent video, he lived with the Mexican cartel for days. He's hunted pirates in the Red Sea and toured the favelas in Rio de Janeiro. 

Earlier this month, the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince urged all American citizens still in the country to "leave as soon as possible" while other embassies restricted services. The US State Department placed the nation on the "Do not travel" list for Americans. 

Another Twitch streamer, Lalem, said on X, "Tried keeping it [kidnapping] private for 2 weeks, but it's getting out everywhere now. Yes Arab has been kidnapped in Haiti, and we're working on getting him out. Love ya'll, he'll be out soon."

Here are some of the YouTuber's last posts on X:

Youngsters will do anything for those clicks...