Gingrich Says Biden Behavior In Maui 'Just Plain Frightening' As MSM Triggered Over 'Nodgate'

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Aug 23, 2023 - 06:05 PM

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News (emphasis ours),

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich encapsulated Joe Biden’s jaw droppingly disastrous fly by of Maui on Monday, calling it “beyond just being heartless.”

“I think this visit to Maui frankly is just plain frightening,” Gingrich said, adding “How can you have a commander-in-chief who is totally out of touch with reality, who makes up a story which is a lie, who has no understanding of the scale of the disaster which has occurred, who has literally has no empathy for the human beings around him. And I think, and of course as you point out, can’t even stay awake.”

“This guy is nuts,” Gingrich urged of Biden, adding “He is out of touch with reality. How can you stand in Lahaina surrounded by death and talk about your ’67 Corvette?”

As we highlighted, Biden visited the scenes of the horrific blaze and was cracking jokes and comparing it to a small kitchen fire that happened in his house in 2004, quipping “I nearly lost my Corvette and my cat.”

“Frankly as an American, I am ashamed,” Gingrich stated, adding “to realize almost like Pompeii in Italy, you have families, entire families who were burned to death. I saw one report that firefighters are having a very hard time psychologically going from house to house because the scenes of little children, the scenes of families who had gathered in the bathtub and the shower trying to find one last place where there was water.”

Gingrich continued, “I think that people need to look at this not as a political problem but as a national problem.”

“We have a commander-in-chief, makes you wonder who’s making the decisions in the White House. I personally have a hunch it’s Barack Obama. You have to wonder how is the system running in a real crisis? How could Joe Biden decide anything? It would all be delegated,” he further asserted.

“It really worries me that this is the guy who’s commander in chief for the most powerful military in the world and believe me every leader on the planet watches Joe Biden collapsing and knows that the U.S. Is beginning to be available as the victim,” Gingrich emphasised.

“I would say he’s closer to being a sleeper-in-chief than he is to being a commander-in-chief,” he further proclaimed.

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[ZH]: And of course, the MSM - while completely ignoring Biden's tone-deaf lie about his wife, car and cat, is pouncing on Biden's apparent nodding off, insisting that he was 'bowing his head solemnly.'

Which were promptly mocked...