Green Wave In Reverse, Biden Rolls Back EV Mandates, But Not Enough

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Mar 21, 2024 - 04:25 PM

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Under EPA rules, EVs will need to be 30-40% of the market by 2030, down from the proposed 60%. And it now costs more per mile to fuel an electric F-150 than a gasoline powered truck.

More Time to Hit Nonsensical Targets

The Biden administration had no choice given a consumer and auto manufacturer revolt against EVs.

Today, the Wall Street Journal reports Biden’s EPA Gives Automakers More Leeway to Phase Out Gas-Engine Cars

The Biden administration enacted the strictest-ever rules for tailpipe emissions but also handed the auto industry a significant concession by giving them more time to comply, a recognition that the transition to electric cars will take longer than hoped.

To hit the targets for model-year 2030, for example, an estimated 31% to 44% of new light-vehicle sales would need to be electric, rather than the 60% mark originally proposed.

Thousands of U.S. dealers signed letters to Biden in an organized campaign to get the administration to back off the emissions targets, saying there wasn’t enough consumer interest to support such a big swing to EVs.

On Wednesday, the dealer group said the slower implementation of the rules is helpful but the targets are still too aggressive. “This is unelected Washington bureaucrats dictating what kind of vehicles Americans can buy,” the group said.

Biden’s EV Mandate Blows Its Cover

Also consider Biden’s EV Mandate Blows Its Cover

Auto makers lauded the Administration for “moderating the pace of EV adoption” in “the next few (very critical) years of the EV transition” while calling its targets “still a stretch.” The Administration has taken auto companies hostage, threatening to cause financial carnage across the industry with its EV mandate. CEOs are grateful for the delay in execution.

EVs made up less than 8% of new auto sales last year, and more than half were Teslas. They accounted for less than 4% of General Motors and Ford sales. Foreign luxury auto makers such as BMW (12.5%), Mercedes (11.4%) and Porsche (10%) will have an easier time meeting the Biden mandates because their affluent customers can more easily afford EVs.

In the Zero Chance Category

Most popular gas-powered pickups emit about 430 grams of CO2 per mile. Under EPA’s final rule, trucks will have to average 184 g/mile in 2027, 128 g/mile in 2030 and 90 g/mile by 2032. Ergo, the companies will effectively have to produce one to two electric trucks for every gas-powered one in 2027. The ratio will be closer to four to one by 2032.

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In the Irony of the Day Category

A new Panasonic EV battery plant in Kansas that will receive billions of dollars in subsidies from the Inflation Reduction Act is forcing a local utility to keep open a coal plant that was scheduled to close. Congratulations, Mr. President, for increasing coal production.

A Note About Running Costs

Fueling up a Ford F-Series truck now costs about $17 per 100 miles on average compared to $17.75 for an F-150 Lightning with mostly home-charging and $26.39 with mostly commercial chargers.

California Electricity Prices

Inquiring minds may be wondering what’s happening to electricity bills in California.

I can help.

Please consider Recent PG&E Bill With Rate Hike Shocks Customers

Sticker shock for some PG&E customers. Even for people who knew the utility was raising rates this year, January bills more than doubled for some.

Rate increases for PG&E customers have piled up in the last year and another could be coming in March. Even some customers doing the math say their bills just don’t add up.

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved a rate increase of 13 percent this month and is considering another 7.2 percent hike for March. If approved, PG&E Customers will pay about $48 more a month. TURN is pushing for new legislation that will cap future rate increases.

This year’s rate hikes aren’t the only frustrations TURN has. They say last year the CPUC approved enough rate hikes to increase customer’s bills by 33%

Absurd Proposals by Progressives to Fix a Problem Caused by Progressives

As one might have expected, economic illiterates think a rate cap is the solution.

The only solution is to not cram EVs down everyone’s throat when infrastructure is not remotely in place.

History of PG&E Rate Hikes

  • In January of 2023, PG&E raised rates by 8.9%.

  • This was preceded by an 8% increase for electricity prices and an 11% increase for gas prices in 2019, and an 8% increase in electricity prices in 2022.

  • Overall, PG&E has increased its rates an average of 5.7%-6% year over year for the past 11 years.

  • In January of 2023, PG&E announced that customers’ bills could go up as much as 32%, in contrast to the 24% they initially expected.

The above points are from Why is My PG&E Bill So High in 2024 and What Can I Do About It? That link is an infomercial for solar systems but I appreciate the history.

PG&E has other issues like fires and maintenance.

Throw California’s 100% EVs by 2035 into the mix. Who will be able to afford to charge their car? Turn on their air conditioner?

Things That Won’t Happen

  • Companies will have to produce one to two electric trucks for every gas-powered one in 2027 to meet EPA goals. No chance.

  • Companies will have to produce four electric trucks for every gas-powered one by 2032 to meet EPA goals. No chance.

  • 100% EVs by 2035. No Chance

  • 75% EVs by 2035. No Chance

Factor in what happens if Trump wins the election. All such goals will be thrown out the window.

If Trump wins, the next chance to force products down people’s throats that they don’t want will be 2028.

In the EU, expect a real shocker in the European Parliament elections in June. I will comment on that shortly. But here’s a hit: It won’t be Green.

EVs Emit More Particulates

Let’s discuss particulates from tires. They are another reason to be skeptical of the clean energy claims for EVs.

On March 3, I noted EVs Emit More Particulates, One of the Most Dangerous Pollutants

The lie of the day is a joint effort from the EPA and the state of California. Both are using rigged tests to get rid of gasoline powered vehicles.

The EPA used rigged tests to make EVs look better when in fact they are much worse.

Here’s the kicker: EVs will burn through tires 20-50% faster and “60% of rubber used in the tire industry is synthetic rubber, produced from petroleum-derived hydrocarbons.”

Biden Promotes Climate Change at the Expense of More Global Poverty

Please note Biden Promotes Climate Change at the Expense of More Global Poverty

The mad rush to deal with climate change, even if it works (it won’t), has a nasty tradeoff (more global poverty).