Guardian Ludicrously Reports That Orthodox Bishop Was "Allegedly Stabbed"

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Apr 16, 2024 - 01:50 PM

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via,

The left-wing Guardian newspaper reported on the brutal stabbing of Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel in Sydney that was caught on camera by saying the victim was “allegedly stabbed.”

Yes, really.

Watch the video. There’s really no “allegedly” about it...

Bishop Emmanuel was stabbed multiple times by a 15-year-old boy during a live broadcast.

The teenager, dressed all in black, approached the altar at the Christ the Good Shepherd Church, before launching a frenzied attack on the bishop’s head and upper body, leaving him with multiple stab wounds.

According to a video report posted by the Guardian, Bishop Emmanuel was only “allegedly stabbed.”

The Pope is also allegedly Catholic.

A video of the attacker shows him smirking while being restrained by churchgoers and police.

The Daily Mail also demonized the victim as an “anti-vaxxer,” as if that somehow justified the brutal assault.

The Telegraph also highlighted how, “Bishop Emmanuel has a reputation as a fire and brimstone preacher who expresses anti-LGBTQ+ views.”

The stabbing prompted a massive riot outside the church, with the Bishop’s supporters shockingly not choosing to hold hands and sing ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ instead.

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