"He's Always Been A C**t": Rogan Rips Biden Over Lifetime Of Lies, Shady Ties To Ukraine And China

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Jun 12, 2023 - 09:30 PM

Joe Rogan didn't hold back during a recent podcast, calling President Joe Biden a 'cunt' for a career full of lies and international corruption. Rogan also condemned the establishment for holding former President Trump to a different standard.

Rogan was replying to guest Theo Von, who suggested that the president's handlers are to more blame for the sad, decrepit, national embarrassment Biden projects.

"It’s not cool to old people to do that to them," said Von, to which Rogan agreed - but argued that Biden is lucid enough to understand what's going on.

"He kind of does, and he’s kind of a cunt ... He's always been a cunt, though. You go back and listen to that guy lying about his education record and lying about his accomplishments and — like, he’s always been a problem."

"All the f------g stuff with his son and the ties to Ukraine and China and the money. The family, they got paid millions of dollars and everyone was trying to obscure it because, ‘Well, better than Trump. Better than Trump,’" Rogan told comedian Theo Von, adding that he "can't take it anymore."

"If that guy was a Republican, they would be up his ass with a microscope."

"I mean, it’s wild stuff, man. They even got the FBI involved in telling Twitter to censor the information about the laptop. It’s crazy," Rogan continued, adding: "The media is overwhelmingly left-leaning, and if you have a left-leaning politician or a left-wing Democratic politician, and then you have this media that essentially works to support that person."


As we noted last week (via Summit News), Rogan also went off on companies for pushing transgender clothing.

People are going ‘ENOUGH, ENOUGH.’ Stop shoving this down everybody’s throat. When I go to Target I don’t want to see like fucking tuck pants, like they’re designed to help you tuck your dick…That’s not normal, I don’t want that right in front of everybody. It’s weird," said Rogan.

“Target lost billions of dollars because they tried to have this pride selection. They had all these like pride children’s shirts,” Rogan emphasised, adding “this Bud Light thing with Dylan Mulvaney, they’ve lost $20+ billion.”

Rogan continued, “Can you imagine you’re just gonna send a fucking can to a confused person that ‘Day 365 of womanhood’ and you send that person a fucking can with their face on it and your company loses $20 billion?”