Houston PD Criticized For Agonizing Over Church Shooter's Correct Pronouns

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Feb 13, 2024 - 02:35 PM

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via,

The Houston Police Department received criticism for agonizing over the culprit’s correct pronouns after an attempted mass shooting inside Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church.

Authorities identified the shooter as Genesse Ivonne Moreno, who previously used the name Jeffrey Escalante Moreno.

Moreno, who it was initially suspected could have been transgender, was accompanied by a 7-year-old child for whom she was the biological mother.

The child and another 57-year-old man were the only people injured in the shooting, which was quickly stopped by armed off-duty police officers who killed the suspect.

During a press conference, Houston PD announced, “She’d utilized both male and female names, but through all of our investigation to this point, talking with individuals, interviews, documents, Houston Police Department reports she has been identified this entire time as female – she her – and so we are identifying her as Genesse Moreno – hispanic female.”

Elon Musk responded, accusing the police of having “Seriously messed up priorities.”

Moreno, originally from El Salvador, also reportedly had written the words “Free Palestine” on her AR-15, although authorities later clarified that the word just said “Palestine”.

The shooter, who had a long criminal record, entered the church wearing a long rifle, a backpack and a trench coat.

Antisemitic writings were also found inside the vehicle Moreno drove to the church.

The child was shot in the head during the incident and is not expected to survive.

Despite charges of assault, weapons, marijuana possession, forgery charges stretching back to 2005 and a history of schizophrenia and mental illness, as well as harming her own child twice, Moreno was able to legally purchase the AR-15.

Some respondents on X also questioned why Moreno’s race was also apparently recorded as being “white”.

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