Hundreds Of Illegal Immigrants Are Now Living In Boston Logan Airport

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jun 13, 2024 - 07:25 PM

Authored by Steve Watson via,

A few months back reports started to emerge of Illegal immigrants taking shelter in Boston’s Logan Airport. Now there are HUNDREDS of them living there, including whole families.

The New York Post reports that there are “throngs of families lining a baggage claim surrounded by suitcases and using sparse blankets for makeshift mattresses.”

“We continue to see migrants at the airport. They come to Logan a number of ways. They also arrive at Logan at all hours,” a representative from MassPort commented.

The rep. also noted that as quickly as the migrants are moved out of the airport to shelters, more arrive.

The footage is insane:

It looks like a refugee camp:

This is America under the Democrats:

There is no border anymore.

Anyone can just walk right across, with thousands then being bussed and flown around to cities up and down the country.

Even the migrants themselves have been shocked at how easy it is.

It is clear at this point that any kind of vetting has gone out of the window.

Indeed, eight suspected terrorists from Tajikistan were arrested in New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles this past weekend.

They are suspected to have ties with ISIS and came over the southern border.

As we have previously highlighted, untold numbers of terrorists have already crossed into the country unimpeded. They’re even being caught and released again.

While Biden has issued an executive order that he claims will stem the flow of migrants, reporters on the ground are not seeing any difference.

Indeed, in certain sectors, the order is simply being ignored.

How long can this carry on for?

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