ICE Expected To Roll Out ID Program For Illegal Immigrants This Summer

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, May 10, 2024 - 05:00 PM

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is planning to roll out a controversial ID card pilot program for illegal immigrants being released into the US, with the stated objective of 'modernizing the documentation process for removal proceedings,' Fox News reports.

Images show the ICE Secure Docket Card program. (Fox News)

First reported in 2022, the 'Secure Docket Card' pilot program is expected to begin this summer with around 10,000 cards in a limited rollout at three or four locations in the US. The agency claims that the program is "pre-decisional" and subject to change. According to the report, Houston and Atlanta are two potential locations.

Officials claim that the program will "modernize documentation provided to some noncitizens" but it will not be an official form of federal ID.

Images show the ICE Secure Docket Card program. (Fox News)

"While the specifics of the card and pilot are under development, it is important to note the secure card will not be an official form of federal identification," the agency said. "The secure card will indicate it is for use by DHS agencies and would be provided only after national security background checks have been performed."

When illegal immigrants cross the border and are released into the interior, they are often given a number of paper documents depending on their status and situation. ICE says that such documents pose a security risk and can be lost and degraded, and the new program will make the agency more efficient.

It would also allow for an easier verification of identity through DHS systems via officials. -Fox News

"Moving to a secure card will save the agency millions, free up resources and ensure information is quickly accessible to DHS officials while reducing the agency’s FOIA backlog," a spokesperson told the outlet. "For provisionally released noncitizens, the digital modernization will provide ongoing access to important immigration documents through the secure card and connected portal."

The program is expected to face serious opposition from Republicans and conservatives who have criticized the Biden administration for regular releases of illegal immigrants.

"Just in time for the election, the Biden administration is quietly legitimizing a government-sanctioned invasion of our nation," said RJ Hauman, president of the National Immigration Center for Enforcement (NICE) and a visiting fellow at The Heritage Foundation, in a statement to Fox News Digital.

"Providing illegal aliens with identification will undoubtedly lead to obtaining other documents, benefits and rights — or create an entirely new identity. After all, most who cross the border have no identification information in their possession. So, how do we even know who they are?"

On Wednesday, Republicans moved forward with legislation that would require a citizenship question on the census in order to prevent noncitizens from being counted.