Illegal Immigrants Use Speedboat To Invade California - Nearly Run Over Beachgoers

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Monday, Apr 15, 2024 - 11:20 PM

In a scene reminiscent of the Chuck Norris film Invasion USA, a speedboat loaded with at least a dozen illegal immigrants ripped through the waters just off the coast of Carlsbad, California, nearly slamming into bathers and surfers as they landed and sprinted across the beach.

Some migrants raced to nearby waiting vehicles which sped away, the rest walked off in broad daylight to mix with the surrounding tourists.  Locals who filmed the migrants claimed police were called but didn't show up.

Carlsbad, which is just north of San Diego, is only one of many beach towns in Southern California that has seen a spike in boats carrying illegals into the US.  Malibu has also seen multiple cases of invaders from the sea, usually small fast boats which are beached and left behind by migrants.


A high percentage of young men among illegal migrants in the past couple of years has inspired public concerns that a number of these people may have extensive criminal records, might be gang or cartel members or, even more disturbing, that they could be foreign terrorists seeking to bypass the border altogether despite the lack of immigration enforcement by the Biden Administration. 

Though the footage of immigrants shown frequently by the corporate media is careful to only depict travel weary mothers and children, the real story is the army of foreign military age males that are pouring into the US from abroad.  

Regardless of the motives for their illegal entry into the US, the migrant surge has put the American economy in great jeopardy along with the housing market.  Over 60% of migrants will utilize welfare programs and government subsidies upon entry into the country, a problem which we have seen in full force in cities like New York and Washington DC where Democrat mayors have called for the declaration of a state of emergency along with federal aid.  Until recently, Biden has denied that there is any immigration threat at all.

The migrant surge is expected to continue and perhaps expand even further as the US closes in on November elections.  The return of Trump to the Oval Office would likely mean the reinstatement of Title 42-like restrictions that remove incentives for asylum seekers to enter illegally and that also allow Border Patrol agents to immediately boot captured immigrants back to their nations of origin.  A mad rush to beat the clock and slip into America before borders are made more secure is about to ensue.