Illegals Believe Trump Is Going To Win So They're Surging The Border Now; Report

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, May 22, 2024 - 06:25 PM

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Illegal immigrants are surging the border now because they believe Donald Trump is going to win the election in November and enforce security, according to a report quoting the illegals themselves.

The New York Post reports that the migrants “fear President Biden could lose re-election in November and Donald Trump will shut the border.”

Two brothers from Columbia who had crossed into the US and had eventually been put on a flight to New Jersey stated “We think with the elections, it will be harder,” adding “We don’t want Trump.”

It’s quite simple. The border is now wide open, and if Trump wins it will be slammed shut.

Illegal immigrants may believe that so long as they cross now under Biden, they’ll be able to stay in the US. Trump, however, has other ideas having stated that he intends to oversee the “largest mass deportation effort” in the country’s history if he’s elected in November.

Trump has declared that the US cannot simply absorb some 20 million people, and that he may be forced to use the military to enable deportations.

He’s not an outlier when it comes to that opinion. A major poll conducted by Axios/Harris last month found that a majority of Americans support mass deportation of illegal immigrants, and a whopping 42 percent of Democrats are on board with it.

Now, a new poll conducted by Reuters/Ispos finds that 56 percent of registered voters feel that most or all illegal aliens in the US should be rounded up and deported.

The poll also found that 36 percent of voters support incarcerating illegal aliens in detention camps until they are deported.

In the TIME interview, Trump said of potential camps, “I would not rule anything out,” but further stating “There wouldn’t be that much of a need for them, because of the fact that we’re going to be moving them out. We’re going to bring them back from where they came.”

“It’s possible that we’ll do it to an extent but we shouldn’t have to do very much of it, because we’re going to be moving them out as soon as we get to it. And we’ll be obviously starting with the criminal element,” Trump emphasized.

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