"I'm Ringing The Alarm Bell, Because Flood Of Illegals Is Crushing The Country!"

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Feb 29, 2024 - 01:44 AM

Ahead of President Biden's visit to the southern border on Thursday, with former President Trump planning to visit simultaneously to slam the radicals in the White House for sparking the worst migrant invasion this nation has ever seen, a new graphic released by Bloomberg shows the locations of where illegals have ended up after being bussed through the nation via a shadowy network of taxpayer-funded non-governmental organizations. 

The latest figure from the US Customs and Border Protection shows a whopping 7.3 million illegals have flooded this nation under Biden's first term. 

Source: CBP

It was already evident that illegals were being transported by bus to major Democratic cities such as New York City, Detroit, Los Angeles, Denver, and other urban centers. Now, according to Bloomberg data based on immigration court records, the cities listed above are, in fact, where these folks are being shipped: 

Much of the angst around the impact of newly arrived migrants to the US has focused on the biggest cities in New York, Illinois and Colorado, and immigration court records suggest that those states are indeed among the most affected by the surge. The data also signal that Texas and Florida, which have long complained about the costs of absorbing newcomers, are still among the top destinations of migrants.

Source: Bloomberg

More from Bloomberg:

The number of migrants listing an address in Illinois for their immigration court cases jumped nine-fold in 2023 compared with just two years earlier; the increase was 7-fold in Colorado and five times in New York—bigger than the increases seen in Texas and Florida. The data also suggest that New York state saw the highest number of migrant arrivals in 2023 on a per capita basis: 1 per 100 residents of the state. New Jersey and Florida were next at 0.9. Texas and Colorado had 0.8, and Illinois ranked eighth at 0.6.

Source: Bloomberg

The invasion is happening at such a grand scale that Elon Musk posted on X Tuesday night: "I am ringing the alarm bell, because the flood of illegals is crushing the country!" 

There has already been a flurry of headlines about migrants sparking crime waves nationwide (read: "I Hope Public Is Waking Up": Border Invasion Sparks Migrant Crime Crisis In Major Cities). 

The latest shitshow is a migrant who murdered a 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley on the University of Georgia campus last week. Left-leaning corporate media has been hush-hush about this as well as the Biden administration. 

The most concerning part is that a tidal wave of violent crime will only accelerate from here. 

A new Gallup poll shows Americans are becoming increasingly angered by Biden's migrant crisis. About 28% of respondents said immigration is the top issue in the US. This is up from 20% the month before. 

The border crisis is an epic disaster for Democrats ahead of the November elections. 

Just how bad? Well, New York City Mayor Eric Adams said Monday night at a community meeting that the city's sanctuary laws need to be reversed to deport the illegals. This is a significant shift after the progressive mayor first welcomed unvetted illegals with welcoming arms. 

Meanwhile, Democrats are quickly losing the black vote to Republicans because the Biden administration is prioritizing illegals over their own citizens. 

Also, riddle us this: Why are Biden elites gunning for World War III in Ukraine with Russia while flooding the US with millions of unvetted illegals?

This is a recipe for a national security disaster