"Public Has A Right To Know" - O'Keefe Exposes Bussing Of Migrants Direct From Border To Phoenix Airport

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Dec 21, 2023 - 07:20 PM

This week saw a surge in citizen journalist reports on social media platform X, detailing how 'migrants' from the southern border are being jetted around the country through US airports. 

On Tuesday, a post from X user Ashley St. Clair sparked the first major concern that perhaps the government and or non-government organizations were flying migrants from processing centers to Delta Airline planes at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and then across the nation. 

However, Community Notes responded: "There is absolutely no evidence of the people at the gate being "migrants"".

Nevertheless, X user Tony Ortiz claimed, "I have noticed a large amount of migrants being shipped from" Phoenix Airport "to different parts of the country. These Guinea migrants were headed to New York via Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona." 

And other journalists reported similar sightings of 'migrants' at the Phoenix Airport. 

Let's not forget this. 

While it's hard to speculate on the immigration status of these foreigners, after all, it's an airport. James O'Keefe, the founder of O'Keefe Media Group, might have provided the best evidence yet, these folks are, in fact, illegals. 

On Wednesday night, O'Keefe posted a video of him at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport's drop-off terminal, where he interviewed a bus driver who works for a limo service contracted by an unknown entity to haul migrants from the border to the airport. 

O'Keefe asked the bus driver: "Are these migrants from the border?" 

The bus driver responded with "Correct." 

O'Keefe posted an image of the migrants inside the airport. 

Then he made this claim:

X users were angry and wanted answers as to why illegals were being stuffed on planes and jetted across the country in luxury:

In a separate report, investigative journalists at Muckraker found that federal government contractors were escorting kids around the country, "possibly delivering them into the hands of human traffickers."

These reports come just days after new data shows the Biden administration's border crisis worsened with the highest daily encounters ever. Also, border rail crossings were shuttered in Texas due to the ongoing flood of illegals that threatens to spark supply chain chaos for US food exports. 

What a mess the Democrats have created. It has become apparent why radicals in the White House are flooding the nation with millions of illegals ahead of the presidential election cycle.