Joe Rogan Explains The Border Crisis

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jul 09, 2024 - 05:05 PM

It's a simple 5-step plan that is becoming more and more obvious (to all but the blinkered - who also didn't see Biden's senility for three years until last Thursday) every day...

  1. Open the border to the Third World

  2. Give them aid and free housing

  3. Oppose "racist" Voter ID laws

  4. Rig it so they're able to vote

  5. Permanent one-party rule

h/t @EndWokeness

"That sounds like a conspiracy theory...but all these moves are totally political..."

@TheLastRefuge added the following nuance on X:

They are not “importing democrat voters.” They are importing people, names, that allows the state fraud process to generate ballots.

This is an important distinction.

The migrants will not use the ballots.

The DNC harvesters will collect them, fill them out (Obama), then the Precinct workers will scan them and count them (Clyburn).

Illegals don’t need to vote. They only need to exist to create a ballot.