John Kerry Jets Over To Scotland, Calls Climate Rationalists 'Cult' Members

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Aug 27, 2023 - 05:00 PM

Biden climate envoy John 'private jet' Kerry expended several years worth of the average pleb's emissions to appear in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he said that climate skeptics were in a 'cult,' and accused them of 'lashing out at truthtellers' (like the ones who made a 'major math error' in a widely-cited study? Or the ones who couldn't answer what good throwing $50 trillion at it will do?).

According to the 79-year-old Kerry, climate skeptics "incite a movement against what they falsely label 'climate change fanaticism' as they conveniently forget that the dictionary definition of a 'cult' is 'the dismissal of facts in devotion to a lie.'"

As far as 'cult members,'

Like these cult members from Princeton and MIT who say EPA climate regulations are based on a 'hoax'?

Or researchers from Finland and Japan who found "practically no anthropogenic [man-made] climate change" following a series of studies? (Archived, available to premium members)

Or the fact that solar panels are 'three times more carbon intensive' than the IPCC claims?

Or this NOAA whisteblower who claims world leaders were fooled by fake global warming data?

"Despite a vast array of facts beyond any shadow of a doubt, of any reasonable doubt, despite thousands of scientists accumulating hard data [in] all their labs, and without a single piece of peer-reviewed documentation to the contrary, we are again witnessing another moment in which the persuasive force of evidence and with it earth’s future hangs in the balance," the elite hypocrite continued.