Leftist Mobs Are Exploiting The Palestinian Issue As Vehicle For Cultural Revolution

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Nov 30, 2023 - 11:40 PM

In the early years of the Cultural Revolution Mao and the hard line communists were facing an increasing decline in their influence over Chinese society as their political opponents wanted more freedom in markets and changes in the CCP power structure.  In order to reestablish his dominance, Mao exploited the naivety and impulsiveness of college age children and used propaganda to appeal to their natural rebellious inclinations to conjure a rally cry of communist renewal.  Creating an ideological fervor, fear would be Mao's ultimate weapon.

Thus began the Cultural Revolution, a war against competing values and Mao's political enemies disguised as “youthful activism.”  The mob became a roving army for the establishment, terrorizing the population as they targeted symbols of what they called the “Four Olds”:

Old cultures, old ideas, old customs, and old habits.  In other words, anything that might sideline the communist cult in the mind of the public.  No ideas were allowed other than far-left ideas.    

Museums were protested, ransacked and destroyed.  Centers of learning were shut down. Statues, art and symbols from China's history were torn down.  Business owners and property owners were harassed, beaten or killed.  Struggle sessions were held regularly as the mobs dragged accused individuals into kangaroo courts and forced them to confess to the sin of not being communist enough.  

Eventually, murder and genocide became a rationalized tactic to further the revolution.  As long as the activists were killing Mao's potential enemies and keeping the populace in check, they were not interfered with.  The Red Guard was ordered to stand down and allow the activists to do whatever they pleased.  People singled out by the mob had no hope; no one was coming to save them.  One had to virtue signal their loyalty to the red  menace and to Mao daily, and even then they still might not be safe.


If any of this sounds familiar, it's because the exact same tactics are being used today by the establishment and the political left in America and Europe.  We haven't quite reached the point of mass-murder in the name of “diversity, equity and inclusion,” but give it a little more time and that is likely where western civilization is headed.  

Black Lives Matter hysteria is now in steep decline, the public is growing increasingly exhausted with militant gay and trans propaganda, the Jan. 6th hype is not turning the public against conservatives the way the media hoped it would and no one cares about climate change doom mongering anymore - The political left is facing a spiral into irrelevancy as all their favorite hot button issues fade into the background.  They need a new conflict to co-opt.

Suddenly, the war between Hamas and Israel has become the defining concern of the leftists in the west.  Most of them have never traveled to the region, have no genetic or cultural ties to it, they have no education on the basic history of the divide and many of them actually believe that Muslim culture is compatible with progressive ideals.  

It's an odd thing to be sure.  Not long ago these same activists were rabidly defensive of Israel and organizations like the ADL, accusing conservative critics of “anti-semitism.”  Now, they are chanting slogans like “from the river to the sea,” a mantra calling for the erasure of Israel. 


Why do leftists take sides in Israel at all?  Because it is politically convenient to do so.  They don't care about the plight of Palestinians or Israelis, they only care about movements of social power and using those causes to get what they want.  For a time, the Israeli/Jewish cause was useful to them.  The ADL and similar organizations operated as an amplifier for woke activism and conservatives could be demonized as bigots for exposing ADL operations.  The two groups worked as a tag team.

Now, Israel is more valuable to the left as a monster to be slain as they covet what they see as an untapped resource among Muslim migrants who also predominantly hate the west.  The call for “decolonization” is the running theme; whether in reference to Israel, the US or Europe, the end game is deconstruction of all ideas outside of the woke ideology.  Decolonization is merely an excuse - A way to hide a declaration of war behind the righteous mask of activism.  And much like the Cultural Revolution in China, law enforcement to contain the intimidation is noticeably absent or neutered.  It is as if they have been ordered to keep intervention to a minimum.

The purpose of the this revolution is to dismantle the “Four Olds” in the west, and leftists are hoping Muslim migrants will be a source of muscle to help them finish the job.

They are attempting to consolidate a wide array of inconsistent causes into one framework that they can control and it's hard to see how exactly the organization is going to work.  Can progressives mix feminism, socialism, atheism, and LGBT indoctrination with Muslim Sharia culture which seeks to remove all of these things?  It's doubtful, but the two groups seem to see each other as mutually beneficial for now. 

After Muslims have served their purpose progressives will cast them into the deplorable pit as well, just as they have turned on their old allies in Israel.  In the meantime, you're going to continue seeing wave after wave of mob actions in the US and Europe, replete with Muslim and Hamas slogans right next to BLM, Antifa, feminist and LGBT protest signs.  It's not supposed to make logical sense, it's a cultural revolution; the point is to destroy the old culture by any means necessary and sort out the rest later.