"Liars" & "Low IQ Lunatics": Tucker Tears Into Politicians' "Betrayal Of American Democracy"

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Sep 12, 2023 - 05:21 PM

In a brief clip dropped last night, Tucker Carlson rages (in his inimitable manner) that the current system of governance in the US does not genuinely reflect the majority's will but benefits a small group of people with power.

"Most governments are run by a small group of people for their own benefit without reference to what the majority wants," he says.

Carlson highlights, based on public opinion polls as evidence, that there is often a disconnect between what the people want and what their leaders prioritize:

"Take a look at the latest Gallup poll, pick a poll. What are the top 10 issues for people in the United States and then compare those to the priorities of your leaders."

The former Fox News host takes aim at Governors Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan and Greg Abbott of Texas as case examples of this disconnect.

Regarding Whitmer, who he calls a "low IQ lunatic", Carlson says her priorities are not in line with the majority of her constituents, specifically regarding social issues like "misgendering":

"The things that people care about, Gretchen Whitmer couldn't care less about."

Abbott, who Carlson calls a "liar, and betrayer of your own people", is accused of not taking significant action on illegal immigration, despite having the resources to do so:

"Don't you have a National Guard? Why don't you seal the Border? Oh, it's very complicated. No, it's not."

Carlson concludes that this deviation from public will is a betrayal of American democracy.

"It's not just frustrating; it's a betrayal of the core promise of the country, which is the people rule," he proclaims; suggesting that the current situation represents a "criminal act," and, in what some have suggested sounded the most like a campaign/stump speech, urges the audience to reconsider their belief that a majority vote will automatically translate into action or law.

Watch the full clip below: