Lime Scooters Geofences 'No Go Zone' Over Pride Flag On Spokane City Street

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Jun 10, 2024 - 09:20 PM

Double-standards are intensifying of late, with the left making a national issue out of kids defacing pride flags painted on the street, yet remaining silent as pro-Palestine protesters deface statues all over DC.

That's of course leaving aside the absurdity of painting a pride flag mural on a busy street and expecting it to remain unscuffed.

To wit, the latest 'malicious scuffing' incident occurred in Spokane, Washington, where three teenagers on Lime scooters were charged with 1st Degree Malicious Mischief for leaving marks on the sacred object, according to media outlet The Publica.

 Local acronym people have been literally shaken to their core.

According to the Spokane Police Department, "911 received a complaint advising multiple subjects on scooters were causing damage to the newly painted Pride mural."

That said, the kids were also making skid marks on an unmarked sidewalk.

In response to the outrage, Lime scooters implemented a 'no-go' geofenced zone around the flag at the intersection of Howard Street and Spokane Falls Boulevard.

Lime Director of Government Relations Hayden Harvey told The National Desk: "All of us at Lime condemn these vile acts in no uncertain terms." 

Here's the damage the kids caused... 

In February, 19-year-old Dylan Brewer of Clearwater, Florida pleaded not guilty to vandalizing a street pride mural in Delray Beach.

And as you may have suspected, it wasn't long before it happened again. Less than 48 hours in fact, as journalist Breanna Morello notes.

Is this simply self-aggrandizing bait for their activist organizations, "proving" how widespread the "hate" is...?

...and if so, who defines "hate"?